Down Below (IT Fanfic)

This is kind of an AU thing where Bill decides to accompany Georgie instead of letting him play outside alone. It's based off the 2017 movie, but I'm not really following the script because I forgot the order of events orz. This is a one shot too, but split into several parts.


2. Chapter 2

"All right. T-this is a good s-spot." 

The boys crouch around a specific part of the grey asphalt road, particularly pleased by the look of this area and the victorious vibe that seems to radiate off it. In hindsight, there is nothing that distinguishes this section from all the other streams of water that crisscross over the road, but this has always been their starting line for many years. And besides, selecting a place straight off the bat gives them a strong sense of confidence and victory.

Georgie carefully stoops down to lower his paper boat onto the moving waters, mumbling an inaudible "Thank you, Billie" as his attention is instantly shifted over to the tiny boat. It allows itself to be controlled by the strong currents and the siblings, noticing how fast the S.S Georgie appears to be going, immediately spring up from their crouched positions and start chasing after it in a mad panic.

"D-don't let it out of y-your sight!" Bill yells through the heavy rain, brushing water droplets away from his eyes as he splashes through the endless amounts of puddles obscuring the ground beneath his feet. Fuelled by his brother's yell of encouragement, Georgie runs even faster and-

There is a magnificently loud thud when the younger brother smacks head-first into a yellow road barrier. For a moment, he sits there wordlessly in a daze, unable to comprehend what has just happened. Once he comes to his senses, he turns around and gazes helplessly at his brother. Tears begin to well up in his large, brown eyes, from both the throbbing pain in his forehead and the possibility of losing the boat.

Bill helps him up and immediately continues the chase on his own, squinting to see past all the drops of rain threatening to cloud his vision. The S.S Georgie is still powering on through the stream of water, and there is no sign of it stopping. Though it is unclear where the boat seems to be heading, there is a large sewer in its path and Bill can only assume the worst. Despite the horrible ache in his limbs, he forces his legs to run even faster.

"Go Billie! You can do it!"

A small smile ghosts across his lips as he considers how ironic this situation has become; just a few minutes ago, he'd been the one trying to encourage his brother. The distance between him and the paper boat doesn’t seem to be growing any smaller however, and he holds his breath as it charges towards the sewers-

He exhales in unconcealed relief when it barely escapes what would've been an awful and slimy fate, having missed the sewers by a mere centimeter or two. The boat eventually comes to an abrupt stop by a manhole cover further down; at least that is what Bill thinks until he’s actually close enough to see its resting place.

It’s a manhole all right, but there is no cover.

Bill stands there hesitantly. From where he is, the blatant hole in the ground looks big enough for him to fall down. Too big. Has there always been a manhole this size here? He can probably fit through it with Georgie and there will still be some room left over for them to wiggle their arms around. Despite the strong feelings of anxiety and fear gnawing away at his senses, he succumbs to the urge to peer in. It’s incredibly dark and slimy, and he can’t see the bottom of it either. Two bright orange lights, shaped like bulbous eyes, flicker in the darkness below and Bill flinches at the sudden appearance. Rats, perhaps?

"Billie! Where's the boat?" Having been deep in thought, the sound of his brother's voice catches Bill by surprise and almost sends him toppling down into the hole. He mutters an inaudible curse under his breath and hastily steps away from it, making sure to pick up the boat in the process. Stupid boat.

"D-don't go near that h-hole, okay Georgie?" He warns, casting sideward glances at the ominous manmade creation behind him as he hands over the S.S Georgie. Though he originally didn't think the rain could get any heavier, it is, and now he figures it’s time to finally go home.

"Let's g-go home now."

Georgie nods and grasps his brother's hand again - a feeble attempt to warm his own cold hands. His yellow raincoat is completely drenched and he suspects he’s going to start sneezing soon. It’s a miracle Bill himself isn’t already, considering how his cold hasn’t even healed yet.

The two brothers begin walking away from the manhole but have taken no more than a step or two when an awful scraping abruptly fills their ears. Even with the unforgiving rain mercilessly pouring down around them, the sound is as clear as day and both siblings jump simultaneously in fear. It’s a sound neither of them can accurately describe, no matter how hard they try. One way to describe it is long nails scraping against a chalkboard - and that is one anyone can imagine while cringing at the thought - but there is something more to it. Something... sinister. Even the longest nails in the world would be unable to produce a sound of such a terrifying calibre. As it slowly fades away to be replaced by the harsh pit-pattering of rain, they can still hear it clearly in their head. Repeating over, and over again. 

At least, not until It appears.

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