Down Below (IT Fanfic)

This is kind of an AU thing where Bill decides to accompany Georgie instead of letting him play outside alone. It's based off the 2017 movie, but I'm not really following the script because I forgot the order of events orz. This is a one shot too, but split into several parts.


1. Chapter 1

The heavy drops of rain splattering against the fogged-up windowpanes of his bedroom produce a rhythmic yet irritating sound effect that does little to alleviate the growing ache in his head.

Splat. Splat. Splat.

The rhythm is steady and continuous, though tedious in tune. Bill Denbrough thinks he'd rather listen to his mother's favourite song on repeat for hours than be forced to endure the endless rainy melody broadcast by the heavens above.
But despite the dull ache that plagues his head and the lingering cold that has bothered him for a week, the small paper boat he's been working on for the past half hour is almost done. There are only a few finishing touches to add on to it...

Using one hand to firmly grasp the boat, the other darts across his cluttered desk for a black marker.
"S.S Georgie..." He murmurs quietly to himself, acutely aware of his younger brother standing closely behind. The same words are carefully written onto the side of the boat, an action that prompts Georgie to lean forward even closer in great curiosity and interest. Excitement even. With their bodies gently touching, Bill can feel his brother's shoulders shaking vigorously in unconcealed anticipation.

"Do you h-have the wax, Georgie?" A small container is immediately thrusted into his face in response. Nodding in silent approval, he accepts the wax and begins to paint over the surface of the boat, using an old, crusty paintbrush to lather on generous amounts of the gloppy substance. Within minutes, the S.S Georgie is finally complete - ready to embark on a watery adventure through the tiny rivers that hug the side of the road outside.

"She's all yours-" Before he can speak another word, he is abruptly crushed in a tight bear hug that leaves him breathless from its sheer suddenness. A gentle prodding of the elbows prompts his younger brother to eventually release him.
"Thank you, Billy!" Large eyes shine brightly in genuine gratitude. A small smile creeps across Bill's face as he affectionately ruffles the boy's hair - a loving gesture that emphasises the presence of a close brotherly bond between the two of them.
"Be careful out there."
Georgie nods in understanding - albeit in a way that makes it seem like he isn't really listening at all - and excitedly grabs the boat from his waiting hands. A silent farewell is exchanged through their glances and then he is out the door, tiny footsteps pattering against the tiled floor in the distance.

Now that he is left alone in the dimly-lit bedroom, Bill turns his attention back on the pouring rain outside. It doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon and he is starting to have second thoughts about allowing Georgie to play outside on his own. This isn't the first time this has happened though, so he figures there is no need for any concern. Their family knows everyone in the neighbourhood and on a rainy day like this, there is always bound to be at least one person gazing down through their window at the streets below.

And yet...

There seems to be an indescribable feeling in his gut telling him otherwise. Surely it won't hurt to be extra cautious?

"Georgie! W-wait!" He yells after his brother, sprinting out the door and down the long, narrow winding staircase. Georgie glances up in surprise, having already pulled on a bright yellow raincoat and now in the process of stepping into his pair of boots. The paper boat remains safely clutched in one hand. Sighing inwardly in genuine relief, Bill thanks the boat for having slowed down his brother's actions.
"I k-know I said I was sick, but I thought it might be better if I still w-went with you anyway." He struggles to get those simple words across as the cold chill brought on by the weather only seems to worsen his stutter.
Georgie shrugs nonchalantly, though internally grateful to his brother for deciding to accompany him; with his brother currently in junior high, spending quality time together is becoming a rare occurrence. He silently watches as Bill pulls on his own raincoat - a bright shade of blue decorated in polka dots (Bill had protested against his mother selecting such a design, but he eventually relented in the end) - and yanks the large hood over his head.

"All right, l-let's go." The front door slowly creaks open and they shiver when a strong gust of wind escapes into the entrance hallway, shrouding them in a freezing coldness that leaves obvious goosebumps on their pale skin. Eyeing the grey environment outside, Bill tightly grasps his brother's hand and steps into the pouring rain. His converse shoes make awful squelching sounds in the mud and he regrets his decision to wear such a nice pair on a day like this.
"Come on, I d-don't want to stay in the rain for too l-long."
Georgie hums in agreement. The heavy downpour is weighing down his yellow hood and obscuring his vision. Even with the raincoat and boots on, it feels like he's taking a cold shower out in the open. It's a curious but not entirely pleasant sensation, especially when the clouds above in the sky are painted in dark, angry shades of grey and black.

The siblings continue walking down the drenched footpath in search of a suitable starting line for the S.S Georgie. In the midst of all the rain and freezing chaos raging around them, they fail to notice the bright red balloon floating behind after them.



Like it's purposely following them despite its inanimate nature.

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