the horse

is it my imagination or is it not

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i drove to my friends place cuz its summer breack and we just finished secondary 4 so me and the girls decided to have some fun 

i arrived and we all started running upstairs cuz of a noise we heard from the woods infront of my friend katy's house "omg what was that" macy said shaking "it was the or maybe was the wind nothing dangerous" i said calming them down "ok lets set up our stuff and start chatting" katy smiled 

we where done blabing about boys but then i asked out of the random "hey macy umm since you know so much about horses and the legends ummmm..." i said nervous kinda "what is it " she moved closer to me "well i saw a black horse he was scary looking (horse as cover for this storie) it had blood shot red eyes it was staring at me as i got into my car and i saw it alot when i was coming here" she looked at me scared then calmed down "i think i know what horse your talking about.. ok so there was an old man named jack roberts one day he went on a walk with his beloved horse strider while they where walking he said to see a dark figured run fast infront of them then strider got randomly scared and bucked his rider off and he never say strider again its said that he got attacked by demons and hes the devils horse" she said 

"is there any way to tame him and make him a horse for riding like everyday competitions?" i asked thinking about the storie "only one person can ever tame him we dont chose he choses i chose him and i got 3 months in the hospital 

so we all continieud out sleep over then went to bed but i kept thinking about that horse something about him makes me feel some way

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