Fat line under girl

Min Yoongi get a new job and here he meets Jung Hoseok. He starts to fall in love with Hoseok, But there is a problem. Hoseok already has a girlfriend. With a fat line under girl.


1. You´re such a fool



I walk down the streets on the way to my new work in a music store. It´s my first day and I´m a bit nervous. I take my keys and open doors to the staff room. In the room sits a boy. When I walk in, he turns around and looks at me. Ehm… hi, I shyly say. He sends me a big smile. Hello. You may be the new worker? I nod. Great. My name is Jung Hoseok and I´m your adviser. What´s your name? Min Yoongi I answer and send him a little smile. Okay, the first you shall do, is to change to your working clothes. They are here he says and gives me some clothes. Do we have a room to change in? I ask. No, we just change here he says and whips his eyebrow. I blush and he laughs. After I have made him promise not to look, I change so fast as possible. Okay, come on. We have a lot to do, he says. I´ll show you some different things and how it works.

I´m done with work and tired, but happy. I sit in the staff room with Hoseok and drink coffee. It´s so easy to talk with him. We have laughed a lot as we worked. So, where do you live? I ask. I live in a little place with my girlfriend. What about you? I just live alone. He looks at the clock and stands up. I have to go now he says with a stressed face and gives me a piece of paper. I take it and we have skin contact for a short moment. It feels like my fingers are burning, but in a good way. It feels like I´m blushing and I look down, so he doesn´t see it. It was nice to meet you, he smiles. Nice to meet you too I say and we say goodbye to each other. See you tomorrow he says and is gone. What´s wrong with me? I think. Why do I feel like this, just because he touched me for a second? I don´t understand it. I really don´t understand it.

When I´m home, I play some hip- hop music, and text my friend Seokjin: Call me. After ten minutes, he calls me up. Hey, what´s up? He asks. I don´t know. And then I tell him everything. About how easy it is to talk with Hoseok, my reaction when he touches me and the piece of paper I gave me. Well, can you tell me what he wrote on that paper? he asks. Actually, haven´t read it yet. What? You´re such a fool Yoongi. Check it out now. Okay okay, I´ll read it now. I take it up from my pocket, unfold it and read out loud for him. He writes: Hey Yoongi. If you need help to something with work or just feel bored, you should know that you always can call me. And then he´s phone number. Seokjin laughs. Okay, go for it master Yoongi. Get a new friend. Just call him. I will try I answer. But, he says, can I tell Taehyung about this? Ehm… Yeah sure. And then we hung up. I don´t know what to say to him. At work, it was so easy to talk with him. But what if he doesn´t want to talk with me after work? But, I say to myself, if he doesn´t want to talk with you after work, why so give you he´s number? To be kind? If I don´t try, I don´t find out, I whisper to myself. But right now, I´m too shy to call him. Maybe I call him, when I have talked some more with him at work.

I sit and eat, when I get frightened, because the doorbell rings. It´s weird. Is there an arrangement, I have forgotten? It rings again. Relax, I´m coming I mumble. I open the door and take a step back. Taehyung and Seokjin stands outside and with big smiles. Surprise, Taehyung laughs. What are you guys doing here? I ask in confusion. Seokjin told me that you are confused about something at you´re new work. I will hear it from your mouth, Taehyung answers. Okaaaay I say and let them come in. We make coffee and I tell Taehyung about what happened today. And have you called him? He asks. Not yet. Seokjin shake his head.



My girlfriend and I sit and watch a movie, when my phone rings in the kitchen. I let out a sigh and get up to answer the call. It´s an unknown number. Hello? I say to the person in the other end. Am I talking to Hoseok? a voice says. Yes, I answer. Who am I talking to? My name is Taehyung, the voice says. I´m Yoongi´s friend and I saw your number on the paper you gave him. I just want to see what kind of people my friend is working with. Okaaay I say slowly. I hear some voices and laughter in the background, and then a new voice talks in the phone. Hello, a person says. It´s Yoongi, you know, from the work. Oh, Hey Yoongi, I say, very confused. Sorry for Taehyung. I don´t know what he was doing. He took my phone, when I was in another room. I laugh a little. It´s okay. He sounded, how can I say, interesting. Yeah, Taehyung is his own man, he answers. But, by the way, how was your first day at work? I ask. It was fine, thank you.  

After we have talked for about 15 minutes, we finally hung up. I smile and go back to the movie. Who was it? my girlfriend asks. The new guy at the work. It looks like you have a lot to talk about. Yeah sorry, we forgot the time. It´s okay. Let´s see the rest of the movie.

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