Fat line under girl

Min Yoongi get a new job and here he meets Jung Hoseok. He starts to fall in love with Hoseok, But there is a problem. Hoseok already has a girlfriend. With a fat line under girl.


6. Taehyung, shut up


                  One month later. Hoseok is over his ex.



I look around in the room and smile. We are in Yoongis home and he just looks so handsome today. Hoseok, can you help me to carry the coffee, Taehyung yells from the kitchen. Coming, I yell back. I go out in the kitchen and as I step in the room, I get a message. I take my phone and open the message. It´s from my mom.

Mom: Hey sweetie! How does it go with Yoongi? Can you promise me to flirt with him? Just a little bit? I trust you<3<3<3

I have told her about Yoongi today, before I walked over to him. I think and think about, what I shall answer, when Taehyung, without to say something, takes my phone. I can see on his face, that he read the message. You like Yoongi? He says, totally laid-back. I can´t help but blush. He shows a contented smile. “You like Min Yoongi, you like Min Yoongi”, he almost sing. Shut up, I say, but it doesn´t work. His smile is just getting bigger. “You like Min Yoongi, you like Mine Yoong”, he yells. I walk from the kitchen to the living room and I can hear, he is following. As we walk into the living room, Taehyung takes a deep breath, and look at me. Taehyung, shut up, I say, but it´s too late. “You like Min Yoongi, you like Min Yoongi”, he yells, as loud as he can. Taehyung, stop it, I say in desperation. But of course it doesn´t work. “You like Min Yoongi, you like Min Yoongi”. All looks at me and I blush until my head probably looks like a tomato. “It´s good. I think that Yoongi likes you too. The night we played Ludo, I saw that he been the loser, on purpose”, Namjoon smirks. Now it´s Yoongi´s turn to blush. Is it true? Does he like me? We look at each other, both surprised and confused. Is it true? I quiet say. He walks over to me and wrap his arms around my waist. I can´t hold it back anymore. I take his face between my hands and kiss him. Just like the first time, is it hard to stop again. I want more. I almost forgot the others, but then Jungkook whistle, loud and clear. We take a step back from each other and smile at each other. Do you want to be my boyfriend? He shyly asks. Yes, I smile, and we hug for a long time. And then we all start to laugh. None of us know what´s so funny. We just laugh, laugh and laugh. My stomach hurts and I can´t catch my breath, but I still can´t stop laughing. I know that this isn´t the last time I laugh like this with Yoongi and the guys. And I love that though. 

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