Fat line under girl

Min Yoongi get a new job and here he meets Jung Hoseok. He starts to fall in love with Hoseok, But there is a problem. Hoseok already has a girlfriend. With a fat line under girl.


5. Not your fault

 Next morning


I wake up and see Seokjin and Taehyung, sleeping on some guest beds. Then I remember what happened in Hoseoks home. First I smile, because I think about our kiss. But I get sad thinking about his girlfriend. What happened between them? Have they break up? I gave guilty conscience. I should have stopped the kiss. I didn´t wanted to, but I should. Shall I text him? I´ll try.

Yoongi: I´m sorry for yesterday. I hope you and your girlfriend find out something.

Honestly, I want him to be single, but I know a breakup hurts, and I don´t want it for him. Why is this so complicated? Then the others wake up and we make breakfast and coffee. None of us, says something about yesterday. We just eat. Good it´s weekend, Seokjin says and I nod. A phone rings. I think it´s yours, Taehyung says, and he´s right. It´s Hoseok. I take it and go out in the living room. Hey, I say, and have a weird feeling in my stomach. Hey, he says. His voice is hoarse. Yoongi, he whispers. She broke up with me. Oh, I´m so sorry I, say. I shouldn´t have done that. No, no, he says quickly. It´s not your fault. Ehm… have you called Namjoon, Jimin or Jungkook? No, all shall something, and I don´t want to spoil it for them, with my problems. Can I do something for you? I careful asks. I don´t know, he says, with a sigh. Would you like to come over to me? I suggest. If I may. Of course. I give him my address and we hung up. I go back to the others. Guys, she broke up with him, I say, and feel tears in my eyes. They hug me and says that I shouldn´t feel so guilty. But it doesn´t work. I just feel so guilty. I don´t know what to do.

After twenty minutes, the doorbell rings. I almost run out, to open. And there he stands. When wet eyes and sad face. We just look at each other. And it is there I hug him. I just lay my arms around him. We sank down at the floor, still with the door half-open. He lay down with his head on my knees, and starts to cry. I stroke my hand over his forehead and let him cry. I´m so sorry, I say, again and again. He takes one of my hands and hold it hard. I don´t know how long we sit there, but it feels like a hundred years.

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