Fat line under girl

Min Yoongi get a new job and here he meets Jung Hoseok. He starts to fall in love with Hoseok, But there is a problem. Hoseok already has a girlfriend. With a fat line under girl.


2. Just wait

Next day

When I come to work, Yoongi already is in the working clothes. I´m maybe a little bit too late, so that´s not a big surprise. He talks with one of the other guys. Hey Hoseok, you´re late, Yoongi says. Yeah, I know and I´m sorry, I say. He should just be done, kissing he´s girlfriend, the other guy giggles. I roll my eyes and shake my head. Yoongi laugh a little bit, but without some noise. He looks very cute. I can´t help but smile.



When I come home, I think a moment and text Hoseok.

Yoongi: Hey. Why were you at work? I don´t think it was because you should kiss your girlfriend goodbye. Or what?

Hoseok:  You´re right. The truth is that I pressed snooze to many times. Don´t know how it could happen.

Yoongi: It sounds totally like me.

Hoseok: Everyone have probably done that.

Yoongi: Yeah true. But I think that I´m one, it happens most for.

Hoseok: I will see it before I believe it.

Yoongi: And how will you do that?

Hoseok: Don´t know.

Yoongi: Just wait.

Hoseok: I wait and wait and wait

I smile. I feel even more happy, because it was me to start the conversation. It was easier than I thought. Why do I feel like this? A smile from him, and I smile in 10 minutes. What´s happening? But a part of me already know it. I hate to say it, but I think I´m in love with him. And that´s bad. He already haves a girlfriend. With a fat line under girl. I didn´t even knew I was gay before met Hoseok. I let out a deep sigh, lay me on my bed and start to cry.

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