Fat line under girl

Min Yoongi get a new job and here he meets Jung Hoseok. He starts to fall in love with Hoseok, But there is a problem. Hoseok already has a girlfriend. With a fat line under girl.


3. It means something

Some days later


When I come home, I call my friends Namjoon, Jimin and Jungkook, and we talk about to watch a movie in the cinema. When we hung up, I think of Yoongi, and end up texting him.

Hoseok: Hey! What´s up?

Yoongi: Hang out with some friends. How about you?

Hoseok: Absolutly nothing. Am loner at home.

Yoongi: Sad

Hoseok: Yup! BTW, some my friends and I are talking about, to watch a movie in the cinema. How about I you and some of your friends and join us?

Why the fuck is my heart beating faster after sending the message? It can´t be normal. I mean, he´s just my friend and I already have a girlfriend. I can´t be in love with him. I´m not even gay. Before I can think more about it, I get a message.

Yoongi: Sounds good. How many friends do you take with you? I think I take two.

Hoseok: I take three. Is one of them Taehyung?

Yoongi:  Yeah.   

Hoseok: Okay, it´s a deal. See you then <3<3<3

Why did I send him some hearts? I didn´t think about it before it was too late. Shit.



Did he send me hearts? I can´t hold back a big smile. Shall I send him hearts back? Okay, fuck that. He wrote them first.

Yoongi: Yeah, see you<3<3<3

And then I flip out in front of Seokjin and Taegyung. 




Yoongi: Yeah, see you <3<3<3

My heart is beating faster when I see the message. What am I doing? Is the hearts flirting or just friend ship- things? Hello, a soft voice says and I look up. It´s my girlfriend Hey, I say and hug her. She looks sown at the phone and sees the hearts. What´s that? she asks. What´s what? The hearts. It´s nothing. It´s just, ehm… the new guy from the work, and I, talks about going in the cinema with Jimin, Jungkook, Namjoon, and some of his friends. It doesn´t explains the hearts, she says, in a sharp voice. The hearts means nothing. I swear. I love you, I say. She nods slowly. Okay, I trust you. We kiss each other and starts to make food. But I lied. The hearts something. I don´t know what, but I´m sure about it means something

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