Fat line under girl

Min Yoongi get a new job and here he meets Jung Hoseok. He starts to fall in love with Hoseok, But there is a problem. Hoseok already has a girlfriend. With a fat line under girl.


4. How could you?


I stand on the place in front of the cinema, with Taehyung and Seokjin, and wait for Hoseok and his friends. And there they are. Hey Yoongi, Hoseok says and hug me. Hey, I say, and hug him back. We are so close to each other. We introduce our friend and go in to get our tickets.

After the movie, we go to Hoseoks home. Shall we play Ludo? Someone asks and we all say yes. I have an idea, Hoseoks friend, Namjoon, says. And what is that idea? Hoseok asks. The loser shall kiss Hoseok, he smirks. Let´s do that, I say, a bit too fast. Why me? Hoseok asks. Because, Namjoon answers. Just because. He let out a sigh. Okay but only on the cheek. No way, on the mouth, Namjoon loudly says. Hoseok roll his eyes. Okay, but only an auntie kiss.

“You are the loser”, Jimin says as he gets his last counter home. Seems like you´re right, I answer. Okay, it was on purpose. It means that you shall kiss Hoseok, Namjoon giggles. Hoseok and I walk out in the middle of the room and stand in front of each other. Now I´m nervous. We stand very close now and I have a butterfly attack in my stomach. We look each other in the eyes and I can feel his breath. And then his lips touch mine



 When first our lips meet, I can´t stop again. None of us stop the kiss, so we just stand there, kissing. His lips are soft and warm, and I only want to get him closer. We stop the kiss to catch our breaths. As I look at him, I realize that I´m in love with him. Is that what you call and auntie kiss, Namjoon giggles, and we both blush. Ehm, Hoseok, Jimin says, in a voice that says, that I don´t want to hear what he has to say. He and Jungkook look in the direction of the door. Oh fuck, Jungkook says, with a little voice. I look in the same direction as them. In the door stands my girlfriend. How could you? She whispers, with tears in her eyes. This is bad. This is really bad. “I think we should go now” Yoongi says. He and the guys go out and find their things. I can hear the front door smack. I look down at the floor. What shall I say to her, now that I know that I´m in love with him?  

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