The Fall

Thunder has lived most of her life underground, hiding from the outside after a nuclear war tore the world apart.
Elias has always found a way out of any situation, dangerous or not.
Running from what she once thought was safe, Thunder discovers that the radiation from above has always been the last of her worries. When she meets Elias, her already chaotic world will become even more crazy.


2. Chapter 2

Here's the new chapter!!! Actually I think I'm going to keep the title as The Fall, it seems good. And no, I haven't forgotten to add half the chapter-I need to keep you guys reading...;) Enjoy!!

I run towards the clouds, my body filled with adrenaline. I could run forever. The survival pack I grabbed before I left bounces on my back, reminding me that I can never turn back.
As the sun sets, I see the shape of a forest silhouetted against the clouds. As I run closer, faster, I hear my namesake rumble loudly out across the landscape, confirming that the clouds on the horizon are storm clouds:
My name is Thunder. I’ve lived in the nuclear bunker for almost all my life whilst a nuclear war tore the world apart, and years since whilst the world made a surprisingly quick recovery from the radiation. I never thought I’d run from anywhere, especially not a place that was keeping me safe.
Or so it seemed.
I carry on towards the forest, seeing the lightening and rain now, thunder booming out regularly. I’m faster than any vehicle that the bunker owns, and that’s partly their fault. They found out something about me that I still don’t know, they trained me to run. I can run for hours without stopping.
I’m practically uncatchable. I know they will still hunt me down. Wouldn’t want to lose anyone. That would look bad on them when some kind of society springs back. If they can’t find me, they will probably say I died or something.
That would be typical.
It’s dark when I stop-but it isn’t pitch black. Stars glitter overhead and moonlight dusts everything silver. The storm is still hovering over the forest, which surprisingly seems closer. For about half an hour, running to the forest seemed like chasing rainbows. My breath comes out ragged and breathing burns my lungs. My muscles are exhausted from so much running all at once. I’ve definitely gone way past my four-hour running record. I collapse onto my knees in the grass, staring out at the forest and the storm. The thunder sounds out of place, a total contrast to the clear, warm night weather over me.
Ha. I’m out of place even here, where there is no-one except me.
I’m probably the only person out here in the whole world. It certainly feels like that.
As I sit in the grass, I take the pack off my back and tip out the contents.
It’s no cheap stuff.
A lightweight sleeping bag comes out first, unravelling like a snake striking its prey. A metal water bottle (empty), a few packs of dried food, a small knife that looks like it will be good for skinning animals, coils of wire and bundles of string, a few packs of waterproof matches and a couple of packs of water purifying tablets.
So they clearly assume that there is water safe enough to drink and animals to hunt.
What on earth are they planning back there?
I re-stuff everything back into the pack and leave it next to me. Not much will last me long in there.
I have to get to that forest tomorrow and hope for the best.
I half laugh quietly to myself as I think about reaching the forest. I kind of feel like I’m in one of the books I read a few years back, one I borrowed off someone. I’ve forgot the name of it now, but I remember what it was about. It was about a group of kids who had to go into an arena and kill each other.
Obviously, it isn’t a group of kids hunting me down.
It’s most likely a couple of adults in a slow truck.
As I sit in the darkness, the memory of my name comes to me:
 I sat with someone’s laptop on my lap as the distant rumble of the bombs being dropped echoed through the bunker. A pair of headphones were pressed against my ears so the song I was listening to drowned out the distant noise nearly ten metres above.
The sound still scared me even though I knew I was safe this deep underground.
A tap on the back startled me, and I turned to see the owner of the laptop and headphones. I paused the song and took off the headphones, preparing to give them back. We’d struck up a sort of trade which led to a loose kind of friendship- I can use her laptop and headphones if I told what it looked like Above and what my life used to be like.
Memories for a few hours of music.
“Hey. Do you want this back now?” I asked gingerly, holding it out. She laughed at me.
“No, not yet. I was just wondering if you were ok-you’ve listened to that same song for ages. What song is it anyway?” She asked, leaning in closer. I turned the screen to her.
The song was called Thunder. It was by some indie band someone had told me about, and who were surprisingly good. The girl laughed again.
“Thunder…Sounds a lot better than Lea. That’s your new name now. Thunder.” She told me. It wasn’t the worst nickname, and her mind seemed made up anyway.
Quickly, word of my new nickname spread through the bunker, and EVERYONE started calling it me, even the staff.
Thunder. The girl was right, it WAS a lot better than Lea.

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