The Fall

Thunder has lived most of her life underground, hiding from the outside after a nuclear war tore the world apart.
Elias has always found a way out of any situation, dangerous or not.
Running from what she once thought was safe, Thunder discovers that the radiation from above has always been the last of her worries. When she meets Elias, her already chaotic world will become even more crazy.


1. Chapter 1

this is a new story, sorry I haven't updated anything for a while, I've been really busy! Enjoy!

I watch the doors close, standing still. His face looks at mine desperately as he tries to fight off the people grabbing him, holding him back, trapping him.
I’m so close to escaping.
I can’t leave him behind.
I’m frozen-a girl in a long, light, black coat, a dark-coloured top, skintight pants, leather boots, hair messy, eyes wild. Anyone could re-open that door fully and grab me, drag me back into the dull, cold grey world of the bunker forever.
The dim light flickers overhead, barely penetrating the shadows in the corridor that leads to the surface.
“RUN!!!” His voice rings clear before the air-tight doors click shut, separating us. The sound of his voice snaps me into motion, and I take off down the corridor, my footsteps ringing in the half-light. Before I know where I am going, I’m outside and sprinting away from the bunker, the place that once kept me safe but now only traps me.
As soon as I am what I consider a safe distance, I stop, breathing heavily, and look around me.
They told us it was still dangerous out here, that it was still a smoking mess from the nuclear war that ended years ago.
It is completely the opposite.
Ankle-length yellow grass sways in the soft breeze, whispering quietly. Few trees are scattered about, their leaves golden and falling off, crumbling away. A fierce golden sun burns out of a clear blue sky that stretches out forever, making the horizon shimmer. It’s hot, a kind of close, muggy heat that the breeze can’t penetrate. I turn to look behind me and see a tall, ominous bank of black clouds on the horizon.
I’d forgotten the feel of the sun, the look of the sky, the sounds of outside in all those years spent underground. The heat and breeze were only a dusty, hazy memory.
I run towards the clouds, not once looking behind me.
I did it.
I escaped.
I’m free.

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