The Burning Flames in Hell Part 2 A novel

Demon Marjorie Clements is now fourteen years old. When she struggles to survive in Hell, she faces more challenges that could affect her life.

The stunning fantasy sequel to the original book.


3. The Royal Court of Hell


​Queen Elena of Hell stood listening to the grievances of her servants. ​"It's a grave thing to impart some knowledge to everyone who thinks death is inevitable​", she told all of her servants. She wore three horns on her fiery head; she had red, fiery eyes, and she was tall. She stared at the red thrones and she had a regal sense about her, "Where's my son?", she asked an Imp. "He's at the Flaming Inn my Queen". It smiled at her. "And he is away from the Court?", she asked it. "Yes, my Queen. Then tell him to come back to the  Kingdom". And the Imp bowed, and did as it was ordered.

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