The Burning Flames in Hell Part 2 A novel

Demon Marjorie Clements is now fourteen years old. When she struggles to survive in Hell, she faces more challenges that could affect her life.

The stunning fantasy sequel to the original book.


2. The Flaming Inn


The Flaming Inn had been around since 1666.

​Marjorie stared at the red carpet. She saw several demons drinking hot steak on a plate. Their red eyes focusing on the hellish-girl; Tanya gazed at the human serving woman. "What do you like?", she asked them. "Some steak, and fire water please?", Marjorie asked her. Nearby was a black fireplace. The smell of death caused them to feel ill. Then the feeling ended. Marjorie had thirty gold coins with her. "I don't like it here", Tanya said. She was scared of the demons; she was eager to live tonight. Several minutes later, the serving woman gave them their fire water. "I'll have that, you can drink normal water, Tanya". And she nodded, as she watched three demons were asleep on black chairs.


The Imp was smoking a pipe. It smoked as Marjorie smiled as Tanya. "It'll be fine", she said. Tanya shivered. Marjorie paid thirty gold coins for their dinner of stew...and a room for the night.  Suddenly the  front door opened; six demons arrived at the Inn. All of them wore black cloaks. They walked in grey boots on their feet. They carried sharp scythes in their right, deep, pockets; they kept their red eyes focusing on the groups of demons who were eating, or sleeping. "Marjorie, we have to be careful", the Imp said. She nodded. "I don't want to be alone", Tanya said. "You won't, Tanya", Marjorie said. Suddenly she saw the demons. "I'm scared", Tanya said. Marjorie was about to say something else when she saw the demons. And she shivered.


Lord Hell saw the demons. "Prince Hell. It's wonderful to meet you". Prince Hell stared at his father. He nodded. "I came to the Flaming Inn to search for mother". Lord Hell nodded. "Queen Hell is attending Court. She has other matters to address". The Prince watched Marjorie. "Who is this girl, Father?", he asked it. Lord Hell grinned. "That's Marjorie. She's a fire demon". Marjorie gazed at the Prince. "My Prince...", she said. And, as they greeted each other, Marjorie blushed with embarrassment at the idea that she would fall in love with a member of Hell's Royal Court.

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