The Burning Flames in Hell Part 2 A novel

Demon Marjorie Clements is now fourteen years old. When she struggles to survive in Hell, she faces more challenges that could affect her life.

The stunning fantasy sequel to the original book.


1. Hell isn't worth the pain


​Marjorie Clements ​walked along the fiery red halls of Hell. She burned the concrete. Her black boots were hot. She didn't have anyone kiss her unless they were on fire after the change happened. Lord Hell gazed at her. "It's not your fault, Marjorie; it's the damned imps that control everything on my command". She looked at the fires. "I haven't seen any imps, my Lord". She imagined seeing other demons smirking at her. She shook her head, and dreamed of Louisiana where her parents, and friends, were.


One of the imps grinned at her. "Marjorie Clements, a pleasure", Ivan Deane said. She grabbed the imp in her hot, right hand; she spoke. "What's an Imp doing in Hell?", she asked it. Ivan grinned. "I have my orders", it answered. Marjorie scanned him. "What kind of orders? Tell me!​". Ivan smiled. "You're not wanted in the human world", it said. She looked at the Imp. "My parents...". The Imp grinned. "They think you're dead". Marjorie had remembered the past; she remembered walking away from the swamps. And into...Hell a dream. But it wasn't a dream; it was...something else entirely.


The Imp wasn't smiling. It was burning in the hot flames. Marjorie headed towards Hell's Chambers. A young girl was crying. "It's my fault", she said. She had short, red hair, hazel eyes, and petite. She was wearing a dirty smock; she was barefoot. Two of Hell's Guards aimed their black fire pokers at her. "Don't! Let her live", Marjorie ordered; they stared at her. "She's a thief", they told her.  "What did she steal?", Marjorie asked. "Some stale bread", the Hell Guard answered. "That's nothing. She was hungry because she's poor". She gazed at the girl. "I'm Marjorie Clements. What's your name?". The girl was scared. "Tanya Zachariah". She bowed as the demon-girl nodded. "Come with me". And Tanya followed her through the arches towards The Flaming Inn. "You can stay here with me".


The entrance to the Flaming Inn was guarded by demon guards. They had three horns on the burning skulls; they had red eyes that focused on Marjorie and Tanya. Their tales swished in the hot air. "You can come inside", one of them said. And Marjorie took Tanya inside, as other demons started to arrive.

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