Death is Not The End

The death Maxwell Remus is one that many will never forget. He might have been a small and not well-known person but his life is not important. After his life and after his death is what is most important about this man.


3. What Happens After Death?

          Maxwell, who thought that this could not be so started to pinch himself over and over trying to wake himself up. He did not wish to be in his dreams any longer. "If you don't believe how about I show you your body?" Death asked and took Maxwell's hand. It was cold but Maxwell went with him. The cold of his hand seemed to help him understand things that he shouldn't even be thinking. Maxwell's mind reeled from the news that he was dead. He wasn't going to believe it until he saw himself lying dead somewhere. At least it had been a peaceful death. He might have seen some horrible death but this was not that. Maybe an overdose of something but this was just dying in your sleep. Or dying in a forced sleep. "We have someone here that would like to talk to you." Death said in almost a whisper. Looking around he saw a truly lovely person. 

          Looking like a goddess and not knowing that she was is what made Maxwell think that his mind had made her. He gave her a strange look on her face in his mind though. "I know Maxwell, that you think you are still alive and that I had turned my back on you. You are wrong. You are not alive and I did not turn away from you. The moment you tried to summon more power to yourself you snapped the cord between life and death. Sister fate had had you be here long enough and time to time they had thought about cutting your string and killing you. I had talked them down. I wished to see when you would take death for what it was and not what you saw it be. Now that you see it as it might be I will help you, "She told him taking his hand and holding it. She spoke like an angle, Maxwell thought. Her skin glowed and eyes were like two oceans with the greenest water he had ever seen. Not even in Scotland did he see this kind of green water. she faded slowly until she was just a memory floating around the air. Maxwell felt a bony hand on his shoulder and looked to see death smiling at him. 

          "Time to go Max. We have to have you sign some papers," The bony fingers pushed him along a dark corridor lit by some old-fashioned torches here and there. Maxwell felt tears in his eyes. His father had died a long time ago and he wished to see his family once more. "You have, several times but you wish to see what they used to look like. They are waiting for you in the waiting room as we speak," Death spoke softly. 

          Maxwell sighed and walked with death for a little ways longer before asking, "Is this what happens when someone dies?" Death shook his head but said nothing. "Then why is this happening to me after death?" Death walked alongside he for some time without saying a word.

          "Well... sometimes it is different. Other times it is like this. Sometimes when I get to someone they are already freshly gone and have nothing left in them. You though have some fight so this is what happens to you. Trust me your father was gone by the time I got to him. You are the only witch in your family right?" Death asked trying to change the topic. Maxwell shook his head. His daughter was a powerful witch as was his son. But the two power combined would have matched his before his spell to make time turn back and you look younger while getting older. "I see. well. I will tell you when it is their time so you can meet them at the door," Death smiled and opened a door to a bright room.

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