Death is Not The End

The death Maxwell Remus is one that many will never forget. He might have been a small and not well-known person but his life is not important. After his life and after his death is what is most important about this man.


2. The Death of Maxwell Remus

         Waking up on a bed in a dark room he feels stronger than he did before he had gone to sleep. Wondering what that nurse had given him he looked for any sign of life around him. Nothing but darkness was what he was being surrounded by.   His bare feet touched the floor and the whole room spun around him, not making him dizzy but changing where he was. The moment the world stopped spinning he hit his knees looking around. It was his favorite place in his homeland. He was back in Scotland. A fallen castle lay before him with the greenest grass that he could ever imagine. It had been one from his past and he had thought that he would never come back to it. His family had left this life long ago taking him with them. He had family in Scotland but they were long dead by now. His mother and father they would be happy that he was returning even if it was a dream. Bending down he felt the grass. Running his hands through it he realized that it felt all too real to be a dream It felt like it was the real thing. 

         "No, it has to be a dream. Just one that was really convincing that he was really there," He muttered. Smiling he realized that he was right. It was just a dream and he would wake up the moment he hit the bed that was behind him. Turning he found nothing but darkness like his dream just cut off there. He walked into the castle like he was running from the darkness. If he was, to be honest with himself it scared him. He had not felt true fear since he had become what the world thought of as immortal. 'It has to be more then just seeing what I wish and then going back to sleep. My dream is going t make me find the bed in which to sleep.' He thought looking around for the bed that was going to take him out of his mind. It was something that he wanted to find a little more now that the darkness felt like it was closing in on him. 

         Suddenly he realized that a dream demon was with him. That was the darkness. If he didn't find the bed soon then he would be killed by the demon. knowing that there was a demon behind him seemed to make the demon show itself and talk with him.  "Hello friend. You have been avoiding me," The demon says calmly. 

         "I haven't been trying to avoid you. It had seemed that your food had been avoiding me," Maxwell answered back calmly. He stopped when he heard laughter. Maxwell looking back saw that the demon was kneeled over laughing. "Why are you laughing?" He asked with a titled head. 

         "Just who do you think I am?" 

         "A dream demon right? That is what you are?" 

         "Oh no. You think that I was the dream demon making you not dream. No. I am the person that is going to help you to the light. Or in your case to find reincarnation, a new body if you will," He told Maxwell. His laughing stopped and he looked seriously at Maxwell. 

         "But that would mean that I have died. I am not dead yet," Maxwell laughed at the demon. 

         Rushing to Maxwell he faced him and hummed slightly. Maxwell stopped laughing and listened to the demon. "If you were alive you would have not been so ... how would you say it? You would have fallen asleep and felt pain apon waking.. You are nt alive friend. You have avoided me long enough. The moment your magic broke and you went to sleep you died," The demon told Maxwell. 

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