Death is Not The End

The death Maxwell Remus is one that many will never forget. He might have been a small and not well-known person but his life is not important. After his life and after his death is what is most important about this man.


4. Paperwork

          "I, Maxwell Remus, sign that ..." Maxwell signed even though he had not read a word of what it said. It seemed that the bright light was from Death's office.  He skimmed the rest. " Lived... Rest in peace... family... see to... meet  your family at door... watch over... live again..." Wait. Live again? "Maxwell Remus on signing this contract you have said that you will live once more. You will be put into another body in another time and another shape and live again."  Maxwell read that over and over again. Trying to get his mind wrapped around the idea. 

          "Yes, Max it means what it says. You will live once more. You will be out into another time and another place, in the form of someone else," Death told Maxwell, but he heard nothing after 'You will live once more.' Maxwell didn't want to live again. He had lived enough of his lives for two hundred years. "Yes well you may come up with whatever you wish but you signed it and that was all that we needed from that one. Come, follow me, Maxwell. We are going to go and see your mother and father. And before you say anything I know that you have never known your real mother but you will see her now," Death put his hand on Maxwell's shoulder and smiled softly. Maxwell who was not used to Death but knew from stories that this was odd burst out laughing. Death smiling? "What are you laughing about?" Death said in a cool voice.

          "You. I don't know you but I know stories. Death smiling is not one of them," Maxwell told him while trying to hide more laughter. Once he composed himself a little more Maxwell asked, "Anything else that I have to sign?" Death shaking his head got up and walked towards the door. Opening it he walked down the hall and opened a door. Looking back he winked and faded away. Maxwell walked slowly to the door almost afraid to know what it had behind it. Creeping up to the door and peeking around the doorway he sees his mother dressed in loose clothing. A purple top that, unlike most, didn't hug her body and show off what she had. And a skirt the color of a raven feather. Even with no wind or breeze to make the skirt move it seemed that it moved like the bird in the sky. Her hair, as it seems, Maxwell had gotten the color of her light brown hair. It seemed that she liked to keep her hair long and as natural looking as she could. Her skin as white and untouched by the sun as though it was soft paper. 

          "M-mother?" Maxwell whispered. She heard him and nodded a tear forming in her eyes as he walked closer and closer to herself. Wrapping his arms around her and hugging her as tightly as he could without the fear of breaking her, he dried her tears as they slipped out of her eyes as the tears hiding in his slipped out as well. "Are you a- a witch by chance?" He asked his mother before he let her go.

          "Yes, Maxwell. Yes, I am a witch. I had been watching you and that was wrong. What you did was wrong but you're here now, and that is what matters," She told him looking serien and truthful. A look that made him wish he had known her in his life. Taking his hand she leads him to a chair and sat him down, speaking softly she asked," Are you going back down? Do you know if you will be going back to Earth again?" Maxwell nodded slowly and wished he didn't when he saw the look of sadness on her face. He didn't know that would displease her. He didn't like to see sadness on his mothers face. He had not seen her for his whole life. "Someone else wants to see you. I don't know who it is but you might," His mother said and kissed his hand before leaving the room. 

        Three sister's walked into the room looking gleefully happy to see Maxwell sitting down where he was. "Good. You made it here okay," They spoke as one in a croaking voice. Maxwell stared at them until they spoke again. "How rude of us. You don't know us. I am Lahkesis, "They stopped talking together and broke to talk alone. " I am Atropos," Another said. "I am Clotho," The one that hadn't spoken said. They smiled and started talking together once more, "That Goddess of your's refused to let us end your life. We were so happy when your magic broke. It meant that your time was done. Your Goddess could not keep you on earth forever and she knew it. She drained your magic until you had little left. The moment you tried to us it that last time your string broke and you were done," They finshed talking together and started to back out of the room. "Welcome, by the way, to Limbo," and they were gone. 

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