My Story

This is a memoir about my life


6. Chapter 6

Freshman year was when things went into a rollercoaster. It all began with me moving into my dad’s house. Everything was okay, but I was crushing yet again. Zach Bell changed my life, but not for the better. I don’t know why, but I liked him a lot. When he asked me to be his, I jumped at the opportunity, and thought that I was so in love.

    Zach was on the football team, and I was a cheerleader, so I thought it was fate. I’d go to all of his games, and he’d go to all of mine. My life was set. Well, it was set until mid-September. He started to get violent. He’d call me names, push me around, accuse me of cheating, or anything else he’s feel like.

    “Whore” Zach pushed me into the doorway. This was the night I had hung out with Joey Rupert. “You slept with him too, huh? Slut.” He spat on me while I just stood there with a shocked expression. “You won’t let me touch you, but I’m sure his hands were all over you huh? Answer me!” He pushed me again, but I pushed back. “I didn’t fucking sleep with him. He came over to talk to my dad!” Here comes a smack right to the face. “Don’t you dare talk to me like that again.” As if on cue, his father came in with pizza. We all three ate in silence.

    That wasn’t even the worst day. Things started to get more physical, and people at school were noticing. All of my friends were asking me why I was so sad, but I didn’t have the heart to tell them that I was being abused. Zach was walking with me and he reached over and smacked my butt in front of everyone without even stopping. I went into academic decathlon disgusted.

    Today was the day that we were picking our groups. There was only one other freshman in that class, so naturally I chose him. I patiently waited until all of the other people picked their groups, but there was one boy that was sitting all by himself. I asked Alex who just nodded.

    “That kid can work with us!” I yelled to Mrs. Stamm who laughed. “Luke, you can go sit with Lauryn and Alex if that’s okay.” The boy, who I was assuming is Luke, slowly walked over and sat by me. I smiled and stretched out my hand. “I’m Lauryn.” He smiled and shook my hand. “Luke.” He had the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. I left the library smiling because I had a new friend who didn’t know my story, or hasn’t seen my scars.

    I went home that day and got a message from Zach asking me if I could come up. I was curious as to why he asked, knowing he was grounded. He told me his parents knew she was there, but they didn’t know I  was there. He and I were completely alone.

I was upset that he lied, but only because I knew what he wanted. He led me up to his room. I was faking happiness as I hesitantly followed him. When we got into his room I was trying to tell him no. He didn’t listen. He got what he wanted from me, leaving her sore and bleeding. There was a single spot of blood on his bed. He yanked me up and slapped me.

I let one tear slip out of my eye as he cursed and walked out of his room. When I heard the front door open, I was so relieved. His brother walked up the stairs. I frantically started dressing myself without crying, but the pain was so immense. Zach and his brother were arguing, then there was silence. The brother, Gabe came into the room and saw the bruise forming on my cheek. Gabe looked between us and shook his head.

“Lauryn, you need to go home. Ray and my mom will be home soon and you’ll be screwed if they found out you were here.” I nodded and picked up my purse and left. I didn’t have the strength to go home, so I walked across the street to my friend’s house. I walked right in like it was her own home. I wouldn’t dare tell a soul what happened.

I stayed at Gianna’s house all night until the next day. I would randomly cry all week. I had to go back home and try to cover the bruise with as much makeup as needed. No one questioned why I wouldn’t leave my bedroom. My body, littered with cuts and scars. I tried to stop it, but my tears kept coming from me. I was so sad all the time. This was my rock bottom. This was what I knew was going to happen.

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