The Glowing Wizard A novel

In the Age of Magic, fifteen year old Amy Grahame, a young servant's girl, enters a secret door of The Shadow Family. When she finds an old book about good and evil worlds, she becomes involved in a sinister plot to overthrow all wizards.


2. The Book of Dark Magic




​"We want the Book of Dark Magic", Argus stated. 

​He grinned at Old Nathaniel, as Amy, Bertha, and Cyrus, shivered. "That book is locked up, Argus. I don't have a key; the Shadow Family has the keys...and they come and go as they wish. They pay me some gold coins to make the place look clean", Amy said. She gazed at him. "That maybe true, Amy. But you're a lowly servant-girl", he smiled at her. "If you have the book, it'll unleash evil into the World", Bertha stated. Argus nodded. "The book opens up a lot of possibilities". He gazed at the dwarf. "Bertha, are you visiting here of your own accord?", Argus asked her. "Yes, I am here to find a job", she answered him. "Take us to the bookshelves", Argus added. And Amy begun to sigh, grabbed a key from the bottom shelf that was near the kitchen, and opened the door that lead into the darkness.


Amy gripped onto a lamp that was on the deep recesses the dungeons. Argus grabbed his lamp, as they headed to the bottom. Amy dropped the lamp onto the grey ground. Then she gripped the key in her small, right, hand; she opened the black door that led to the bookcases. "It's in there!", Amy said. Argus smiled at her. "No tricks!", he told her. "​No!", Amy told him. "I believe you", Argus smiled. "You have to deal with the Shadow Family if you find the book", she said. "They're not here", Argus nodded. He grabbed the book on dark magic lore. It was a hardcover book, with gold lettering on the spine. There was no author to the title. And then, seconds later, the dungeons went a shade of black...and a figure of Lord Shadow appeared. And he grabbed the book with his bony fingers. Then he spoke in a commanding voice: "​It's mine! Servant, put the book back. And close the doors​". Amy nodded. She did as she was told. Once she did so, she put the dangerous book in its place. Then locked it up for safekeeping. Argus screamed, then fled upstairs. Amy followed behind him. When she watched Argus...and his friends...leave through the Iron Door, she felt better as she knew one thing was certain. 


That everyone was safe...for now.


Old Nathaniel breathed a sigh of relief. "It had to happen I'm afraid". Amy nodded. Bertha, and Cyrus, gazed at the Iron Door. "You saw him, Amy?", Bertha asked. "Yes, Lord Shadow takes care of his servants", Amy answered him. And he nodded. She placed brown wood into the fireplace, as they all slept on soft grey bags. And, for the next three hours, nothing happened.

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