The Glowing Wizard A novel

In the Age of Magic, fifteen year old Amy Grahame, a young servant's girl, enters a secret door of The Shadow Family. When she finds an old book about good and evil worlds, she becomes involved in a sinister plot to overthrow all wizards.


5. Goblins


​The five goblins gripped their sharp daggers​ in their right hands.

​"We have to go north", Amos Sharpe said. It stared at Sheppard's Wharfs. It watched the fishermen. They were carrying a lot of fish in their nets; they were waiting for the perfect time to believe that the Dark Wizards had preyed on their minds; they were waiting for Amos to make a mistake; they knew what was the best time to assassinate their leader. It was a waiting game. Amos adjusted his green cloak with his left hand. By the evening, the weather was colder. 

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