The Glowing Wizard A novel

In the Age of Magic, fifteen year old Amy Grahame, a young servant's girl, enters a secret door of The Shadow Family. When she finds an old book about good and evil worlds, she becomes involved in a sinister plot to overthrow all wizards.


3. Dwarfs


​Bertha awoke. ​She glanced at the Grandfather clock to her left of her. The spacious room was warm. "Amy! The dwarfs are arriving to take me to my rooms", she told her best friend. "You're welcome here, as usual, Bertha. Everyone is welcome. Enemies of the Shadow Lord will be dealt with". She looked at the frightened look on her face; she spoke in a quiet voice. "Dinner is in a couple of hours". Bertha nodded. Suddenly there was a soft tapping on  the Iron Door. Amy opened the door. And five dwarfs greeted her. "Good afternoon, Amy", Martha, Bertha's mother, said. "Good afternoon, Martha. Bertha was asleep, so were we". She nodded. Martha, who wore a black hood over her head, felt the warmth of the room. "Did anything happened while I was away?", she asked her. "No; no. We had stew, and I cleaned the place up with my broom", Amy answered her. Bertha hugged her short mother; she smiled. "Old Nathaniel, the Glowing Wizard, was here. He is sleeping with others, mother". Martha nodded. "It's time to go now, child". And Bertha nodded. "Good bye, Amy". And Amy smiled, and opened the Iron Door. When the dwarfs left, she closed it behind her.

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