The Glowing Wizard A novel

In the Age of Magic, fifteen year old Amy Grahame, a young servant's girl, enters a secret door of The Shadow Family. When she finds an old book about good and evil worlds, she becomes involved in a sinister plot to overthrow all wizards.


4. Dinner


​The fact that Amy was alive made her feel better. 

She grabbed her favourite broom in her right hand. Then, as the dust was swept away, she saw the darkness of the moon outside; she heard the sound of a carriage coming down the grey cobbled road. Old Nathaniel opened his eyes. He watched Amy. "Oh, I slept for ages". He yawned. He glided out of the room. Then, as he stared at the kitchen, Amy was cooking casserole. Soon the aromas filled the kitchen. Cyrus opened his eyes. "Can I stay the night, Amy? My mother and sister are fishing with father at Sheppard's Ports". Amy nodded. Cyrus smiled. "Thank you", he said. And she nodded. 


"Dinner is served", Amy said. Old Nathaniel, and Cyrus, sat down. As they ate their dinner, there was a knock on the Iron Door. Amy sighed. She opened the door with her small, right hand; she saw three humans. "Excuse us, but we're lost", one of them asked her. "This is the Shadow Family house. I'm Amy, the servant-girl. We're having dinner now. Are you going someplace?". The man nodded. "The wharfs.  I am Cole Robertson. This is my wife, Essie. And our son, Robert". Amy smiled. "Please to meet you three. Rooms are three gold coins a night. This place isn't an Inn, or tavern, though. The owners were here not long ago". Cole nodded. "We're having casserole". Robert felt hungry. "Can we have some, Father?", he asked him. "Of course", Cole answered him. He have Amy thirty gold coins. She gasped in surprise. Then she put them into her private chambers which was near the deep dungeons. Old Nathaniel saw them. "Good evening". Cole nodded. "Are you a wizard?", Robert asked. Old Nathaniel laughed. "Yes. I do have powers. Only for good, you see", he answered him. "Old Nathaniel has been around for one hundred years", Cyrus stated. Essie shook her head. "Is that so?". Old Nathaniel smiled. "No, it's been seventy years since I knew I could use magic". Amy placed three more grey bowls out for the new guests; the other guests sat down on the black table. "I'll get some more grey bags from the larder". And, as she cooked her dinner, she raced towards the larder, and grabbed them. She put them near the other bags, then turned the stove off. Once she was finished, she served them their meals.


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