Being Different

He saw a door that he's never noticed before and heard crying on the other side of it. That's when everything changed.


19. Who am I?


Roman's POV

It has been three days since Thomas found out about Virgil's memory lose. Three days since Thomas and Logan have been working almost non-stop. Logan told us that Virgil asked him about getting his memory back. Logan says he knows what might work, and that he and Thomas has been coming up with a plan. According to Logan we have to say or do something that triggers Virgil's memory to coming back. Logan is putting a plan together for us to do things that Virgil has seen us do before losing his memory. Honestly I don't know if it will work. Virgil has been in his room alone for three days. He went into his room right after sinking down into the mind-scape, he went straight into his room and hasn't come out yet.

"How would we find something that triggers Virgil's memory?" Patton asked walking into the commons. He just got back from checking on Virgil again. Patton checks on Virgil multiple times through-out the day. Every time we ask if Virgil is alright it's always the same answer. "Virgil didn't answer and his door is locked." Patton is sad when he says this, so we stopped asking about Virgil. I wonder if Patton thinks it's his fault that Virgil is locking himself in his room.

"We need to do something that we've done with Virgil when he had his memory." Logan explained. I didn't want Virgil to get his memory back quite yet. Not before I could show him that I could be friends with him. I don't think that's going to happen though. Every time I ask if I can check on Virge, Patton stops me and says he'll do it.

"That's going to be hard, considering that Virgil has been in his room for the past three days and he was always in his room most of the time before." I replied to Logan.

Patton's POV

Was it my fault that Virgil is locking himself in his room. I've tried to ask him if he's okay, but he never answers. Maybe I shouldn't have left him alone.
I need to find some way to get into his room. I know that I should probably leave him alone if he wants to be alone, but I'm worried. Extremely worried.

Roman and Logan were talking. I couldn't really focus.

"Does that sound good Patton?" I heard my name and looked at the two.

"What?" I responded. Logan and Roman looked at each other.

"We asked you if that was a good plan." Roman replied. What plan?

"Did you even hear hear the plan?" Logan asked me. I slumped my shoulders and shook my head.

"Sorry." I mumbled. "I don't know what's wrong with me right now."

"Here's the plan." Logan stated. I tried my hardest to pay attention.

Virgil's POV

I wanted so badly to open the door every time Patton asked me too. He's the only one that has been knocking on my door trying to check in on me. But the shadows won't allow it. They've gotten stronger and they are getting stronger every day. I don't dare leave my bed for fear they would drag me away. I know they can't physically touch me, but fear is such a strange thing. It makes the impossible situations seem like it could happen at any moment. I guess my room reflects the anxious emotions. That includes fear, anxiousness, and basically any other bad emotion.

I laid there trying to get some sleep, but I just stared at the wall. The dark corners seemed to grow with each passing moment and the fear kept increasing. I tried not to think negative thoughts and instead I found myself thinking about what Logan told me. It seemed so long ago, but it has only been three days.


"Is there any way to get my memory back?" I asked Logan. He and Thomas both seemed shocked at my question. Logan quickly fixed his tie and glasses before clearing his throat.

"What I believe is that you have temporary amnesia." Logan stated.

"I know that." I replied rolling my eyes. "You were all talking about it just before." Logan nodded at my reply.

"Of course, the temporary may last anywhere to a couple hours to a couple days. However we may have to do something that would trigger it to come back." He looked at Thomas.

"Like what?" I asked him. Logan looked at me.

"We'd have to do something that we've done before you lost your memory." Logan answered my question.

"Good thinking Logic." Thomas said smiling.That reminded me of the conversation I had earlier with Patton. Logan is Logic and Princey is a dreamer, then what am I? Patton never answered that question.

"Logan you are Logic." I said it like a statement. Logan nodded. "and Princey is a dreamer."

"Roman is a dreamer." Logan said nodding. So the Prince guy was Roman. "He's also the creative one."

"What about Patton?" I asked him.

"Patton is morality or the heart." Thomas answered. I slowly nodded.

"and what about me?" I whispered. Logan and Thomas looked at each other for a brief moment. It looked like they were debating telling me the answer.

"You, Virgil," Logan finally said after a minute. "are Thomas's anxiety."

"oh." was my only reply before sinking down. Not seeing anyone I went directly to my room and locked the door. I looked at myself in the mirror, something I didn't do until just now. What I saw made sense to what Logan told me. I had bags under my eyes and I were black all over, which contrasted against my pale white skin. I looked like an evil character from a story.

**End FlashBack**

Three days ago I saw what I looked like, I figured out what role I play and lastly figured out why I was anxious all the time. I was Thomas's anxiety. I was an embodiment of anxiety. Also that would explain the shadows.

The shadows aren't like shadows when you are standing in some light, they are my shadows that just have been slowing forming over time. They aren't shadows like you see in movies where they come to life and take revenge on least I hope not. The only thing they have done so far is whisper. Their whispers are like me, lonely, sad, and full of negative thoughts. I just don't fit in anywhere.

Logan's POV

The plan is almost done. Soon it will time to drag Virgil out of his habitation and into a world that he'll hopefully start remembering.


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