Being Different

He saw a door that he's never noticed before and heard crying on the other side of it. That's when everything changed.


3. Where ever you go

Roman's POV

"Anxiety is still asleep," Patton said walking back into the kitchen. I finished my food and went to my room. I loved my room, it was perfect for me. It even had my star things up all over the wall. After a minute I decided to was too boring right now to be in my room and I went to go see Thomas.

"Hey Thomas," I said. He looked at me and faintly smiled.

"Hey Prince," Thomas replied.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm finished the project I was working." He said yawning.

"I thought you finished that last night and you need to get some sleep," I said back. He nodded yawning again. "Go get some sleep then you can finish it."

"You are starting to sound like Patton," Thomas said chuckling.

"Am I?"I put my on my chest, pretending to look offending. "I am a prince not a parent. But I still care for you Thomas. And right now you need sleep." He smiled at my reply and got up. I smiled watching him as I sank down. Hopefully Anxiety doesn't wake Thomas up he needs his sleep. I walked into the commons and sat down to watch some good old disney. I lost track of time as I continued to watch one movie after the other.

Anxiety's POV

It's probably been a couple hours since Morality left the food. I got up and looked at the time on my phone. Time passed faster than I thought, the day was almost over already. Maybe I'll visit Thomas since it didn't work this morning. I slowly stood up. Laying all day in bed will make someone dizzy if they stood up too fast. I went to find Thomas. He was working on a project. I thought he finished that already, or at least by now.

"Hey Thomas," I said watching him.

"What do you want Anxiety?" He asked.

"Well first of all, why are you still working on that project? Shouldn't you have it done by now?" I asked. He sighed. "Besides it's worthless to do it anyway, it's not like anyone is going to like it in the first place."

"Please let me finish," Thomas stated.

"That's not exactly what I do," I smirked. "That's not how I work." I could tell he was getting frustrated.

"Just let me finish," He said again.

"I can't just leave whenever you want me to," I said back smiling.

"Princey," Thomas yelled and Roman popped up.

"This better be for a good reason, I was in the middle of rewatching Peter Pan," Roman stated. Thomas glanced at me then back at Roman. "What are yo- Oh that's why you called." The fanciful persona stated when he saw me. I smirked at him.

"Why are you here?" He glared at me.

"Why wouldn't I be? Thomas is obviously really anxious about getting his work done and even though he should have had it done by now he's procrastinating." I replied.

"Can't you just leave Thomas alone. For once?" Roman raised his voice a little more.

"Maybe if he would get things done on time he wouldn't have the need for me to be around all the time." I replied calmly.

Roman glared at me. "Why are you like this? Wherever you are or where ever you go you make it a disaster."


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