Being Different

He saw a door that he's never noticed before and heard crying on the other side of it. That's when everything changed.


15. Thoughts

It does mention a slight start of a panic attack. Just a heads up.


Logan's POV

"No one deserves to be forgotten." Patton said. I nodded.

"When are we going to tell Thomas," Roman said. "He could be gone for the rest of the day."

"As soon as we get the chance." I replied.

"I'm going to check on Virgil." Patton said walking off. Nobody stopped him so he left.

"When do you think Virgil will get him memory back?" Roman asked me after Patton left.

"It could last a couple hours to a couple days." I explained. I honestly didn't know for sure. This has never happened before. But temporary amnesia does usually last that long. So technically I wasn't lying.

Virgil's POV

I don't really know who I am, but I did find out that my thoughts could be a dangerous thing. I've been feeling anxious most of the day. I've tried to do things that would calm me down, but the only problem is that I don't really know what to do to calm me. I would just go out of my room and ask the guy with glasses, but questions pop up in my mind. Questions I need answers to, but I'm to afraid of what the answer will be. Why am I afraid? I don't know. Nobody came to check on me either so I'm guessing they don't do that often.

"Virgil?" I heard a familiar voice. It must be one of the two guys from earlier. I'm hoping it's the glasses guy. "Are you in there?" He asked again.

"Ya," I spoke not trusting my own voice. My answer was short and quick, but he heard it.

"Do you care if I come in?" He asked behind the door. What should I say? Should I say yes? But what if it's the guy with the fancy clothing? What if it's a stranger? What if- It was getting harder to breath.

"Virge?" My thoughts were interrupted, but the voice sounded far away. I couldn't do anything, it felt like my body forgot how to function properly. I tried talking, but I couldn't. I felt someone sit on my bed next to me, but I couldn't tell who it was. I started hearing noises; he was talking. What was he saying? I tried to listen to him. I needed to stop this. Why can't I do anything? It felt like my brain forgot how to function.

"Breath." The voice was a little louder and closer. "In" I breathed in as much as I could, "Good, now out" I let out my breath. He continued to instruct me and I continued to follow. After a while I could breath and function properly. I sat up and looked at the person sitting next to me. It was the guy with glasses. He looked at me and smiled. I faintly smiled back.

"thanks," I wanted him to know that I'm glad he helped me.

"Patton." I looked at him. "My name is Patton, but I don't mind you calling me dad" He smiled.

"Dad?" I raised my eyebrow. He giggled and nodded energetically. I chuckled a little.

"How ya doing kiddo?" He asked me. I felt at home with Patton. I felt like I could trust him.

"I'm fine," I stated. "I've been feeling anxious all day, but I don't know why."

"Do you want to meet everyone else?" Patton asked me.

"How many people are there?" I asked back.

"There's Logan. He always wears glasses and a necktie. And Roman. He dresses like a prince." Patton smiled while looking at me. "Have you eaten anything today?" He became serious.

I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head. "No, but I'm not feeling hungry right now."

"You need to eat something at least." He replied. He stood up and started walking out.

"Patton?" He turned around and looked at me. "Please stay."




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