Being Different

He saw a door that he's never noticed before and heard crying on the other side of it. That's when everything changed.


17. summoned

Logan's POV

Roman decided to go and check on Virgil. To be completely honest I was a little surprised. Roman and Virge fought all the time. Now Roman wants to be friends with him? There has to be some logical explanation. People don't just suddenly want to befriend the person they always fought with and Roman was no exception. What was his motive? Why did he want to befriend Virgil? But also why now? It may have to do with something about Virgil memory lose, but that's just a theory. I went into the real world after Patton and saw Thomas.

"Hey guys." Thomas said upon seeing the two of us. "Sorry about earlier I-" Patton cut him off.

"It's okay, there are some things that can't be helped." Patton said smiling.

"okay," Thomas smiled looked around then at the two of us. "Where are the others?" He asked. I looked at Patton and Patton looked at me back.

"Roman! Virgil!" Thomas called without warning. Roman popped up in his usual spot. Roman popped up looking worried.

"You called Thomas?" He asked. Thomas nodded then looked towards the stairs. Virgil still wasn't to be seen. Was his memory lose a result of this. I don't think anyone told him about Thomas yet. Will he know Thomas? We all looked at Thomas. He looked around then at each one of us.

"Where's Virge?" He asked

"What am I doing here?" Virgil spoke up right after Thomas.

Roman's POV

If Virgil didn't know who I was then maybe I could start over, make him my friend. When Virgil fell asleep I just watched him. He looked so different than he used to. Before he looked like he didn't care about anything, but now? Now he just looked tired and vulnerable. Not long after he fell asleep he loosened his grip so I was able to lay him down on his bed and leave the room. Except I didn't leave the room quite yet. I watched him. He stirred when I first put him down but he soon stopped and fell asleep again.

I felt a tugging, which only meant one thing. Thomas. i gave in to the tugging and popped up in the real world.

"You called Thomas?" Patton and Logan were already there of course. He nodded then looked towards the stairs. Did he summon Virgil too?

"What am I doing here?" Virgil spoke up right after Thomas asked where he was. If you didn't know Virge lost his memory then you wouldn't have guessed that he did. He sounded sarcastic even without trying to. But I will admit he sounded tired. He must've got woken up by Thomas trying to summon him.

"I'm so glad you all are here." Thomas clapped his hands together. I don't think he knows Virgil lost his memory.

Everyone looked at Thomas including the anxious trait.

"I..I know you." Virgil blurted out.


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