Being Different

He saw a door that he's never noticed before and heard crying on the other side of it. That's when everything changed.


12. Reckless Behaviour

Logan's POV

"Do you really think he would be in a room full of forgotten memories?" Roman asked.

"That is the last and only place we haven't checked yet." I reasoned. "Though it's hard to get to and you could get lost really easily."

"Well then it's an adventure and a quest." Roman said cheerfully. He paused and stopped walking. "What happens when you are in a forgotten room?"

I sighed and stopped walking. "When you are forgotten you disappear. If Anxiety is in the room and he's in there too long then he could eventually disappear as well."

"would that mean that Thomas would stay reckless forever?" Roman wondered. I nodded and started walking again.

"We have to find Anxiety. Not just for him but for Thomas." Roman declared running to catch up to me.

Patton's POV

"Hey Pat. What are you still doing here?" Thomas asked me. "Are you going to teach me about adultery. Even though you know the...troubled definition."

"Now Thomas," I said sternly. Not only was Thomas reckless when Virge went missing, he also had no filter. Thomas paused and looked at me.

"You never call me Thomas. You always call me kiddo. Even though I'm not your kid because if I was your kid it means you would have-"

I cut him off. "Want to watch a movie?" Hopefully this would shut him up. His face brightened up and he sat in the couch. He reminded me of a little kid getting what they want. I turned on some cartoons and sat next to him. Hopefully Logan and Princey hurry and get Virgil back.

Roman's POV

Honestly if it wasn't for Logan then I would be lost. I have no idea where we are and I don't think I've ever been in this part of the mind-scape. Awhile back we did pass Anxiety's room but we took some more twists and turns. It's almost like a maze.

"We are almost there." Logan stated. I smiled. Thank goodness.

"How much longer?" I asked him.

"About five minutes," came his reply. I hope Patton is doing okay. I could barely stand Thomas without any anxiety the first time, but Patton has more patience than I do. He can handle it.

Logan stopped and I almost ran into him. He stood in front of a door.

"Here it is." He said. "If Anxiety is not here than I don't know where else he could be."

"Let's open the door and find out." I put my hand up to open the gray door. I honestly didn't know what I was expecting when I opened that door, but it wasn't this.

The room was big, dark... and empty. I didn't see Anxiety anywhere. I looked at Logan who also looked concerned.

"I don't think you've actually seen this room is person have you?" I asked him.

He nodded. "I only know about it. There was no reason for me to actually come here until now."

"Do you see Virgil? I don't." I said once again looking around the dark room.

"The only way to know is to go inside and look around, but we can't stay in here for very long."

"What happens if we do?" I questioned. Logan looked at me with a straight face.

"The longer we stay in here the more calming it seems and the more you won't want to leave. If you are in here too long after that then you could slowly start to disappear." I shuddered as we both walked into the ominous room.

Logan pulled out his phone and turned on the flashlight. The room seemed to absorb light as the flashlight seemed more dull than normal.

"Look," Logan whispered. I saw where he pointed the flashlight.

"It's Virge," I whispered back. Logan nodded and we walked towards the figure on the ground

Logan stopped and I looked at him. His eyes were closed and he smiled.

"There's no stress. No deadlines. No research to do." He said still smiling.

"Logan." I whispered his name, but he didn't seem to hear me. "We have to get Virgil and get out of here."



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