Being Different

He saw a door that he's never noticed before and heard crying on the other side of it. That's when everything changed.


8. left out

Thomas's POV

I have been thinking about taking those pills for awhile now. I have them, but I never use them. I'm always to scared of what it could do to Anxiety. However, he's bothering me more than usual and I need to finish up some projects I've been working on. I decided to ask Logan what the pills could do to Anxiety if I did end up taking them. After all Logan would know better than anyone else the possibilities.

I summoned Logan. "Greetings Thomas." He stated. I looked at him. What if he says not to do it? What if they hurt Anxiety? What if- I cut my thoughts off.

"Hey Logan, I have a question." I told him.

Roman's POV

I decided to check on Thomas. After what happened with Anxiety, Thomas could be having an attack as well. I sank down and saw Logan and Thomas talking. They haven't seen me.

"What would it do to Anxiety?" Thomas asked Logan.

"Well. I think the worst it could do is shut him up for a little while." Logan replied. I sank down. They didn't see me. What if they did? What did Thomas plan on doing to Anxiety? My thoughts began to race as I made my way to Patton's room. I needed to talk to the 'parent'

I knocked on the door and got no answer. He must still be helping Anxiety. I sighed. I honestly felt bad about what happened. I walked to Anxiety's room and heard two voices. One was Morality's and the other Anxiety's.

"I understand Anxiety, but you can't let what he says bother you," Morality stated. I knew they were talking about me.

"I can't help it. Especially if he says I shouldn't exist." Anxiety's voice was wavering and barely audible.

"When has he ever said that?" Morality asked. I heard Anxiety reply, but I couldn't hear what he said.

"It is a big deal," Morality said sternly. He was going into 'dad mode'. Dad mode is when he became stern. Everyone, including Anxiety, knew that if Patton was in dad mode that you don't mess around with him.

"Anxiety," I heard Dad say sternly. I couldn't hear anything after that.

Anxiety's POV

After Patton helped me with my attack he asked what started it. If he knew that I was having an attack in the first place he should know what started it because it means Princey talked to him.

"What started your attack?" He asked me repeated what he said. I didn't want to answer, but I knew I had to.

"Princey," I mumbled. Patton looked at me. He was still sitting on the bed and I was sitting next him.

"What did he do?" Dad asked. I sighed. I didn't want to deal with anyone right now, but Patton insisted. If I resisted now he would go into 'Dad mode'

"It's what he said," I mumbled. Patton looked at me.

"I understand Anxiety, but you can't let what he says bother you," Morality stated. I choked back a sob, just thinking about it hurts me. I know everyone sees me as strong and selfish and ignorant. But I'm just trying to help Thomas just like everyone else. It's not my fault I'm the bad guy.

"I can't help it. Especially if he says I shouldn't exist." I said just loud enough for the person outside my bedroom door to hear. I knew Princey was standing just outside my door, I just don't know how long. It's my room I know when someone just stands outside it.

"When has he ever said that?" Patton asked back. He didn't know Roman was out there.

"It's not a big deal," I mumbled. "It happened awhile ago,"

"It is a big deal," He replied. He was going into Dad mode. I looked down.

"He's right outside," I whispered. Dad almost didn't hear what I said.


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