Being Different

He saw a door that he's never noticed before and heard crying on the other side of it. That's when everything changed.


14. Forgotten Room

I would like to credit my sister for giving me a lot of ideas for these next few chapters. She puts up with a lot of my shenanigans but she helps me a lot. Any way carry on to the chapter.

Roman's POV

"I...I don't know"

I looked at Patton and he looked sad. Honestly I was too. How could Virgil not remember us?

"What..what do you mean?" Patton asked.

Virgil looked down. "Please go out" He begged. Patton looked at me and I nodded. We walked out of Virge's room.

"Let's go tell Logan and Thomas," I said. Patton slowly nodded and slightly smiled.

Virgil's POV

I didn't know those strangers. But I felt bad because the one with glasses looked extremely hurt. The only thing I know is this room, which I'm assuming is my room. I'm wearing dark clothes and this room is dark. It's dark and has some posters on the wall. It's also full of spider webs and the curtains have spiders on them. I felt bad that I hurt the guy with glasses, but the other one, the one with prince clothes on I didn't really care. However these guys know me then I must not like the prince guy. I laid on my bed and tried to relax. Instead of relaxing I felt anxious, like something bad was about to happen, but I didn't know what or why. I couldn't sleep no matter how much I tried. So that left me with my thoughts.

Logan's POV

"Logan! Something happened!" Patton said popping up. I jumped at the suddenness of his actions.

"What are you talking about?" I asked. Roman popped up shortly after. They both started talking simultaneously.

"Virgil....woke up....doesn't know..." I could only make sense of about half of what they are saying. I looked at Thomas. He looked about as confused as I was.

"Slow down both of you. I can't listen to two people talking at the same time." I instructed.

A phone rang. Thomas got his phone out of his pocket. "I have to take this." He said walking off. Logan looked at Roman and Patton.

"Virgil doesn't remember us." Patton whispered looking at the ground.

"I was afraid of this." I sighed. Patton looked at me.

"What do you mean?" Roman asked. Thomas came back.

"Sorry I have to hurry and run an errand." He started putting on his shoes. "I'll be back, though I'm not sure when." Thomas walked out the door.

"Now explain what you both were saying." I asked them. Patton turned to Roman.

"Virgil woke up, but he looked scared then he said he didn't know us." Roman explained to me.

"This could be an effect of being in the forgotten room to long." I reasoned.

"How does the forgotten room work exactly?" Roman asked.

"Thomas isn't hear so lets go back into the mind-scape and I'll explain what I can to both of you." I said sinking down with Roman and Patton following behind me.

Patton's POV

"The forgotten room the first thing that happens is you feel a sense of calmness." Logan looked at Roman and Roman nodded.

"What do you mean calm?" I asked.

"Both Roman and I felt that when we were in there. It's when you forget about everything that stresses you." Logan replied. Virgil is always stressed about a lot of things, he's the embodiment of anxiety.

Logan continued. "By my understanding once you forget about everything the next thing you feel is a headache and eventually pass out. If you are in there much longer you start forgetting things. Based on some calculations the forgetfulness is only temporary."

"What happens if you forget everything?" I asked Logan.

"You become forgotten." came the reply.


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