Being Different

He saw a door that he's never noticed before and heard crying on the other side of it. That's when everything changed.


2. Don't you dare

3rd person point of view (also known as Narrator's POV)

Thomas was asleep after another long day as well as a somewhat long night. He was busy doing some last minute projects and didn't fall asleep until 2:15 in the morning. The other persona's were also asleep. Well everyone except Anxiety. Like always he couldn't sleep, his mind wouldn't shut up enough to let him. Then a thought entered his head. Did Thomas set his alarm? It seemed like such a small thing to worry about, but once it was on his mind it couldn't be stopped.

Anxiety finally got sick of wondering about it and decided to take matters into his own hands. To him that could either be a good thing or a bad thing, but most likely a bad thing. Anxiety sunk into the real world and stood for a minute next to Thomas's bed.

"What are you doing?" A voice behind Anxiety made him jump. "and what are you doing here at five in the morning?" Anxiety turned around to see none other than Roman, standing there.

"I might ask you the same thing," Anxiety smirked. Roman rolled his eyes.

"Why don't you ever let Thomas sleep?" The royal stated. This time Anxiety rolled his eyes.

"He's sleeping right now, ain't he?" Anxiety sassed back watching the fanciful persona carefully.

"But you were going to wake him weren't you?" Roman questioned.

Anxiety smirked. "So? What's the harm in waking him up right now?"

"He needs his beauty sleep," Roman countered.This was turning into an argument and both of them knew it. It was the same almost every time. The two opposites countered the other, each being to stubborn to back down and before you knew it they were either yelling at each other or else they both just went back to their rooms mad and not talking to each other.

"There's no harm in waking him up a little early," The darker persona replied back. "Besides, what if he forget to set his alarm?"

"He set it, I watched him. And you can't wake him up this early. He can't func-"

"Why not?" Anxiety interrupted.

"Because not everyone can function without getting any sleep." Romans said glaring at Anxiety."Maybe if you didn't exist he would actually be able to get more sleep"

Anxiety glared back at the fanciful persona before sinking down and walking towards his room trying to keep the tears from leaving his eyes.

Roman sighed and looked at Thomas peacefully still sleeping and sank down. Roman was still half asleep and didn't register what he just said. He laid down and immediately fell back to sleep still not knowing what exactly he said to dark persona.

**A couple hours later**

Morality woke up bright and early eager to make everyone breakfast as he always did.

"Hey Logan, What's up Princey?" Morality said cheerfully as the logical and creative persona entered the kitchen.

"Greetings Morality, what are you cooking for breakfast today?" Roman said cheerfully sitting up to the table.

"Salutations," Logan stated entering the room and walking towards the table, not really paying attention because he was reading a book.

"Logan your nose is stuck," Morality said looking at Logan. Logan looked up from his book and looked at the parental persona clearly confused.

"What do you mean it's stuck?" Logan asked.

"It's stuck in a book," Morality replied laughing. Logan sighed then continued to read his book. The dad figure finished making breakfast for everyone and dished some up for Anxiety as well.

"He won't come to eat, I'll be surprised if he's even awake," Mumbled Roman seeing Patton dish a plate for Anxiety.

"I'll just take it to his room," Morality replied hearing only the first part of what Roman said.

Anxiety's POV

I hadn't slept at all which is no surprised at all. I kept repeating what Princey said to me over and over in my head. 'Maybe if you didn't exist he would actually be able to get more sleep' Was that true? I'm just hurting everyone around me. I was still curled up in a ball under all my blankets on my bed.I wasn't crying anymore and my eyes weren't red anymore either.Today was one of those days were I just wanted to lay there and not do anything.

Knock! I slightly jumped at the sound of someone knocking on my door. I didn't know anyone knew where my room was. I also didn't feel like getting up and hoped whoever was knocking would just go away. Sadly that was not the case and whoever it was kept knocking.

"Anxiety are you in there?" Someone said. It was clearly Morality. Of course it was. He always had a talent of finding out where any of his 'children' were and that included me. Which means he probably knew where my bedroom was for awhile know. I didn't reply, me being to tired from lack of sleep and crying for about an hour.

"Anxiety?" Morality said again. "I'm going to open the door," Once again I did not reply and I heard the door open.

"I brought you some food, I'll just leave it here." The parental figure stated. After a minute I heard my door close and I was once again left in silence. He must have thought I was asleep. I thought to myself still laying on my bed not wanting to do anything.


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