Being Different

He saw a door that he's never noticed before and heard crying on the other side of it. That's when everything changed.


13. Don't forget...

A longer chapter for you. Hope you enjoy. :)


Roman's POV

"Logan! Let's get out of here!" I basically shouted at him. I picked up Virgil and thanked the lucky stars he was light. I put Virgil over my shoulder and grabbed Logan by the wrist.

"What are you doing?" He asked me.I sighed.

"Thomas can't lose you too." I replied and started dragging him towards the door."Just fifteen feet." I mumbled. I walked to door get closer and I was still dragging Logan. He seemed almost careless as well, but didn't say anything. Logan stopped walking making me stop as well.

"The room is spinning." He giggled. He was acting a lot like Patton. I sighed.

"Then let's get you and Virge out of here." I said. "Just five feet Logan. We can do it." I pulled on his wrist. Then I felt something. It felt like a feeling as if I just slayed a dragon witch or else saved someone from danger. If felt nice. Logan brought me back to reality as he started to fall. The feeling went away and I focused on Logan.

"Does the room alway spin." He smiled and giggled again. The same wonderful feeling came back. Sadly brushing it off I knew I had to get all of us out of this strange room. Still carrying Virgil on my shoulder and holding Logan's wrist with my other hand I dragged us out the door.

After everyone was out I looked at Logan and let go of his wrist. He seemed to realize what just happened.

"I apologize for my vapid actions," Logan stated fixing his glasses. I nod and take Virgil off of my shoulder. Holding Virgil, now bridal style I looked at Logan.

"He hasn't woken up yet." I told the logical persona.

Patton's POV

We have been watching cartoons almost non-stop. Thomas was acting like a child.

"Did you see that? Did you see what he did?" Thomas asked me pointing to the TV and bouncing up on the couch. He turned to the TV again after I nodded. "That was so funny." Thomas said laughing.

Thomas continued to watch the show. He started laughing again then stopped.

"Thomas?" I turned to him. His face was serious.

"Why was that funny? Why didn't I have my anxiety?" Thomas asked. He turned to me and I hugged him.

"You have your good old self back!" I hugged him harder.

"Why was Virgil missing?" Thomas said. "Did he clock out?"

I shook my head and explained what happened. At least explained it the best I could.

"The forgotten room?" Thomas asked.

"It's a room where all your forgotten things go." I tried to explained. I was not good at explaining things to him. "At Logan he knows for sure." I said quickly after. Hopefully that would stop the questions for now.

"Okay Do you know where he is?" That was a question I could answer.

"I'll go get him." I told him as I stood up and sank into the mind-scape.

Logan's POV

"So what do we do?" Roman asked.

"The best thing would probably to lay him down in his room and wait for him to wake up." I replied and started walking with Roman behind me.

We got to Virgil's room just as Patton walked up to the door.

"Hey I was just looking for you." He replied smiling. "Thomas has his anxiety back." Both Roman and I looked at Virgil. "Why is he asleep?" Morality said after seeing us glance at the darker trait. "He is asleep right?" Roman nodded.

"We just have to wait for him to wake up." I explained to the fatherly persona. "I'm not sure how long he was in there, but the consequences might not be good. Hopefully he wasn't in that room for too long."

We walked in and I laid Virgil on his bed. "I'll go update Thomas." I said sinking into the real world before anyone could stop me.

Thomas was sitting on the couch as I popped up. "Logan!" He said smiling as he saw me. "What's going on?" I explained everything that happened with Virgil.

Patton's POV

Roman and I watched the sleeping persona. I hoped nothing bad happened to Virge.

"Do you think something bad happened to him?" I asked, my worry getting the best of me.

"I don't know." Roman said right as Virgil sat up. His face was full of fear. He looked at the two of us and slowly backed away until his back hit the wall.

"Virge? It's okay" Roman said softly. Virgil looked back and forth between me and Roman.

"Virgil?" We were both confused. Virgil didn't say anything, his face was still full of fear and he kept trying to back away despite the wall.

"Roman. What's going on?" I asked. Roman slowly shrugged his shoulders. The fanciful persona's face full of defeat.

"Anxiety." I slowly walked closer. "What's going on? We are your friends." Virgil kept trying to back up. The only thing stopping him was the wall.






"I...I don't know you."



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