Being Different

He saw a door that he's never noticed before and heard crying on the other side of it. That's when everything changed.


11. A missing Persona

3rd Person's POV

"Thomas is being reckless again."

"Again? Where's Virgil?"

"I don't know. I haven't seen him all day"

"Do you think he decided to clock out again"

"I don't know. Someone check in his room."

"I will. But I will only be there just long enough to look around"

"That's fine. Just make sure you check everywhere."

"While Roman is checking Virgil's room we need to keep an eye on Thomas" Logan stated. Patton nodded and sank down into the real world behind Logan.

"Where do you think he is?" Patton asked.

"I don't know, Thomas is being completely reckless-" Logan said.

"meaning something happened to Virgil." Roman told the others.

"Did you check his room?" Logan asked the fanciful persona. Roman nodded.

"He's not there." came the reply.

"I also asked Thomas about the pills, but he said he didn't take them," Logan blurted. "Meaning that can't be the reason Virgil is missing. Thomas may be reckless right now, but he's not that reckless."

"Then how can Virgil just disappear?" Patton said growing more nervous by the minute.

Logan looked lost in thought, "Unless... No he wouldn't know about that." Logan said talking to himself.

"Know about what?" Roman asked. Logan looked at Patton and Roman.

"The forgotten room," Logan said looked Roman in the eyes.

"What's the forgotten room?" Roman and Patton asked simultaneously.

"It a room where all of Thomas's forgotten memories go." Logan replied.

"Why would he go there? Does he want to be forgotten?" Patton asked.

"Hey guys, What are you all doing here? I'm probably doing something wrong again aren't I?" Thomas said finally noticing the three.

"Thomas. Have you seen Virgil?" Roman asked.

"He's gone again?" Thomas asked back. "Did he decide duck out again?"

Logan and Roman sighed. "That is what we are trying to figure out." Logan replied.

"Quack quack." Thomas flapped his elbows up and down. Patton giggled.

"He's not in his room this time and we decided to check up on you." Logan said starting to get irritated.

"Someone has to stay here and keep an eye on Thomas." Roman explained being as dramatic as ever. "Patton." Patton looked at Roman. "You will stay here while Logan and I go on a quest to find our missing person."

"Okay," Patton replied.

"Make sure Thomas doesn't do anything stupid." Roman said sinking down with Logan following behind.


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