The Babysitter

May Jensen is a sixteen year old babysitter in 1985. When she sits the children of The Forbes Family, she is stalked by an unknown killer who has his own agenda.


4. The newspapers


The ​newspapers were from 1974 to 1984. May saw one of the headlines. 


​She stared at the first article. "​In the cold, bleak, winter of 1974, Graham Fletcher, twenty-one, and his wife, Sharon Fletcher, twenty, hired Madeline Cartwright, fifteen, to take care of their two year old son, Roger. According to police reports, Madeline, she was stalked by a phantom caller all night. She was left crying as the Fletcher family came back from visiting friends for the evening...No one was ever arrested...". She saw the second newspaper. The headline was: FAMILY FLEE THE HOUSE IN TERROR​. The skin on the back of her head was pricked. May left the attic, and went down the ladder. Then she knew one thing was certain. 

That the Fletcher house was scaring her to death.


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