The Babysitter

May Jensen is a sixteen year old babysitter in 1985. When she sits the children of The Forbes Family, she is stalked by an unknown killer who has his own agenda.


2. The knocking on the back door


May ​heard the sound of knocking. 

She frowned. Then she opened the back door. 

"Hello. Hello. Is there anyone there? ​Hello!​", she said. But no one was there. She frowned. She had heard Ann Harding, her best friend, who also was a babysitter, told her about the crazy people in town who stalked her. She had called 9-1-1; she had the creep whose name was Martin Harris arrested by the Arizona police. He was in jail for a decade. May shook her head. My mind is playing tricks on me,​ she thought to herself. She knew Ann's phone number. ​No, it's 7:12 PM; it's too early to be anxious.

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