The Babysitter

May Jensen is a sixteen year old babysitter in 1985. When she sits the children of The Forbes Family, she is stalked by an unknown killer who has his own agenda.


1. May Jensen-February 3, 1985

May Jensen ​was in her bedroom listening to Madonna's new song on the radio when the door opened. "We're going to take you to the Forbes house", Carrie Jensen said. "Okay, Mom. Where's Dad?", she asked her. "In the car. We're going to ​John's Italian House​ for dinner. We'll be home by ten o'clock PM", she answered. May nodded. "The Fletcher family is my first job as a babysitter. I want to impress them". Carrie smiled at her teenage daughter. "You don't have to impress them; you have to do a good job", she said. May nodded. She had long, black hair, blue eyes, and average height; she was wearing a black T-shirt, blue jeans, a black belt, brown socks, and new black shoes on her feet. "They're paying me ninety dollars for three hours", May said. She glanced at the cold window in the spacious lounge room. Carrie, who wore a black dress, stared at the glass window in the big hallway. She had long, black hair, blue eyes, and tall; she gazed at her feet. She was wearing a silver necklace around her slim neck. Her diamond wedding ring glowed in her right, middle, finger. She grabbed her red purse off the creamy drawer in her bedroom; she closed the door behind her. "Carrie!​", Mark Jensen shouted. She grabbed her front door keys. Then she opened the door, and it was locked behind them. She hurried towards the blue 1984 Mazda car. Mark Jensen smiled at his wife. May opened the passenger-side door. "The Fletcher House is at 2435 Miles Road". Mark nodded, as everyone closed the doors, and put the seat belts on. Once they did so, he drove up the grey, ashy, road towards the Fletcher House. 

It was 6:49 PM.


May stared at the Fletcher House. "Are you sure this is the place, Dad?", May Jensen asked him. "Yes, it's on the map", Mark Jensen answered. He watched the two bright lamps that illuminated the eerie house. She saw a woman and a man smiling at them. "Good evening. I'm Davis Fletcher. And this is my wife Edna Fletcher". May nodded. "I'm May", she said. "Pleased to meet you, May. And this is your parents", Davis said. "Yes, Mark and Carrie", May said. As they made their introductions, May saw the children's swing go back and forth; back and forth. There was no wind-yet. "Well, there's one hundred dollars for you May", Davis said. He smiled at her. "Thank you, Mister Fletcher". And he headed towards the yellow BMW. "Here's the keys, May", Edna said. "We'll pick you up at ten o'clock PM", Carrie said. And, as they left in their cars, May opened the door...and went inside the house.


Inside, May flicked on the switch. The bright light illuminated the short hallway. She saw the toilet was to the right; she saw the entrance to the spacious kitchen was to the left; she saw the glass windows to the middle of the room that led to the huge Dining Room. May opened the toilet door...and went inside. Five minutes' later, she flushed the door, and washed her hands on a black towel. Then she opened the door, and walked through to the kitchen. She noticed the neighbours' house next door. Their lamps were on. 


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