The Babysitter

May Jensen is a sixteen year old babysitter in 1985. When she sits the children of The Forbes Family, she is stalked by an unknown killer who has his own agenda.


3. Exploring the Fletcher House


May ​saw a black door in the hallway. She pulled it with her right hand. Suddenly she backed away, as a brown ladder landed next to her feet; she stopped, then walked up the ladder. Up ahead, she saw spidery cobwebs crawl across her face; she gasped in fear. Then she reached the old attic. May noticed the support, and placed it at a right angle; she made sure the support worked. Then, as she searched the attic, she stopped near a jewellery box. It was old. May opened it. Then, seconds later, she heard the creaking of the 1950's-old brown floorboards. And, as she screamed, a piece of newspaper hit her face...then fell downward.



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