The Babysitter

May Jensen is a sixteen year old babysitter in 1985. When she sits the children of The Forbes Family, she is stalked by an unknown killer who has his own agenda.


7. Epilogue


Sheriff ​Harry Thorne, Jr., arrived at the Fletcher House by 8:28 PM. He smoked a cigarette. As he reached the front door of the Fletcher House, May stood near the porch light. "He's in here, Sheriff". And he stomped onto the burning embers of the cigarette with his right boot...then nodded. The killer stared at him. "I don't know you, son! But it's your bad night tonight". And the killer sighed with frustration, as he was arrested for break and entering, as well as attempted murder of the babysitter. 


May gave the Sheriff a written witness statement. 

"I'm here until ten. The children are asleep in their beds. I didn't check on them because of the killer". 

"I figured that", the Sheriff said. He saw Deputy Sheriff Randall Horton, II, place silvery handcuffs on the killer. "This isn't over", the killer threatened. But the Sheriff smirked at him. "You'll be in jail for a long time, John Doe". And, as the killer was taken into the back of the passenger-side door, he put his seat belt the door closed. As the Sheriff's wailing sirens blared in the night, May walked upstairs. She opened the children's door. And seeing that Bobby Joe Fletcher and his sister Marjorie Temple Fletcher, were asleep in their beds, she closed the door, and made sure they were safe.

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