Book of Poems

This is going to be a book of poems where I'll be posting poems of mine and anyone who is brave enough to let me publish theirs. So I hope you let me publish yours.

You can give me your poem by giving me your Instagram and I'll Dm you. SORRY I KNOW IT SOUNDS LAME BUT ITS THE ONLY WAY I CAN DO THIS SO SORRY!!!!!


5. Ninja Togepi- Something Profound.

~Before you read this I would love to say thank you to Ninja Togepi for being the first to share a poem and allowing me to share it with you guys, So thank you!!!! Also I would like to say that this poem is one of the best that I've read before.~

Something Profound?

Hm.... let me see.

How about how our freedom,

Don't "really" mean free?

How we've warped our conceptions,

Of "Equal" and "Fair?"

Children are dying

And we don't seem to care?

How "women cant be angry"

And "men cant be sad?"

How blood isn't family

And friendship is gold?

How we seen to despise

Wise teachings of old?

How talent is useless

If it cant pay the bills?

How definite peace

Tampers with free- will?

Well, here you go!

With profoundness aflowing.

Feel free to tak-

Hey were are you going?

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