Book of Poems

This is going to be a book of poems where I'll be posting poems of mine and anyone who is brave enough to let me publish theirs. So I hope you let me publish yours.

You can give me your poem by giving me your Instagram and I'll Dm you. SORRY I KNOW IT SOUNDS LAME BUT ITS THE ONLY WAY I CAN DO THIS SO SORRY!!!!!


7. Me- Why We cry

Why We Cry.

Tell me,

Why does someone cry.


Is it because they feel pain.

And if they do is it physical or emotional.

Or is it both.

Maybe neither.


But then why would they cry if it was neither.

Is it for attention,

Because they were neglected,

Or they just love the feeling.


The attention of others,

It makes us feel important,

Wanted, loved even,

But it’s not real, it’s not real love.


Then that brings us back.

Why do people cry.


For pain,


Fake love of others,

Or maybe it’s something else, something much more complicated.

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