Book of Poems

This is going to be a book of poems where I'll be posting poems of mine and anyone who is brave enough to let me publish theirs. So I hope you let me publish yours.

You can give me your poem by giving me your Instagram and I'll Dm you. SORRY I KNOW IT SOUNDS LAME BUT ITS THE ONLY WAY I CAN DO THIS SO SORRY!!!!!


6. Me- Things I see.

Things I see

The wilting flower about to die.

Begging to be stepped on, so it doesn't have to have a slow death.


The homeless children. 

Searching for "Love" and a "Home", but meet with people who don't care at all about them.


Mice looking for food to survive.

Only to find poison, dying minutes later.


A loving couple with a baby.

Soon after divorced and fighting for custody over the child.

Scarring the child forever.


Celebrities doing their part in society.

Helping homeless people.

Only to be exposed to doing it for the money and fame.

Trying to up their "Image."


People protesting for "Their rights." 

When its not their rights, they're protesting.

Its other people's rights, they're trying to suppress. 

With harmful words like "Your not normal." or "Your a Sin." 


That's what I see on the news channels and social media.

Now tell me this. When you open your eyes, is this something you want to see or something you want to change.

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