Book of Poems

This is going to be a book of poems where I'll be posting poems of mine and anyone who is brave enough to let me publish theirs. So I hope you let me publish yours.

You can give me your poem by giving me your Instagram and I'll Dm you. SORRY I KNOW IT SOUNDS LAME BUT ITS THE ONLY WAY I CAN DO THIS SO SORRY!!!!!


10. Me- Fake smiles

Fake Smiles.


Fake smiles,

A wall,

A mask,

A way to blend in.

Your face shifting,

into something it’s not,

A habit made,

So your not noticed.

A way to cope,

With life,

To get through,

And survive.

To make it to the other side.

The expression becoming habit,

A way of life,

A way to live.

And you end up,

Not knowing,

How to thrive.

Thrive in the world of emotions,

You just end up blending with the crowd,

Putting up,

A fake smile.

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