Book of Poems

This is going to be a book of poems where I'll be posting poems of mine and anyone who is brave enough to let me publish theirs. So I hope you let me publish yours.

You can give me your poem by giving me your Instagram and I'll Dm you. SORRY I KNOW IT SOUNDS LAME BUT ITS THE ONLY WAY I CAN DO THIS SO SORRY!!!!!


4. Me- Death

~Before you read this poem its kind of depressing and sad so you are warned. So knowing that and if you'r going to still read it, I hope you enjoy.~ 


"Please stop."

But death never listens to what you want.

Even if you beg and plead, it never stops....... Ever 

I try and try not to be taken over be the darkness.

I'm jus pulled even more, like quick sand.

A light pulls me out, its an angel.

I'm Free.

Crying of relief, I look up.

A sinister smile crosses its face, scaring me.

I look down seeing a black hole under us.

I grab onto the angel trying to hang on for dear life.

Again death doesn't listen to what you want.

The angel pushes me, falling into the black hole.

I'm pulled into the darkness once again.

Arms wrapping around me pulling me down.

All that's left is a hollow shell.

Blank..... Empty..... Emotionless.....

Alone in the darkness with no light to show the path.

Never to be remembered again.


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