Evelyn Rose Williams had always been an independent woman, a rare and uninviting thing in the 1930's. It wasn't until a man saved her life and showed her a side of herself she didn't know she had, did she realize how much help she was going to need in the world she was now dropped in. Death, chaos, love, pain and torture, a mixture so deadly no one can one but them. Evelyn will do everything thing she can to take him back, even if that means falling down the same rabbit hole.


3. The Date Proposal

Chapter 3: The date proposal

October 24,1935

Sweat inched down Bucky’s face and chest as he threw another punch to the sandbag. The sweltering heat inside the area was making the sweat almost stick to him. The echoing sound of other people on the mats and in the ring filled the air. Bucky grunted and huffed as he laid more punches and kicks to the bag as it bounced back with equal force. With each thunderous clap his fist made against the bag, Bucky’s eyes tightened, creating wrinkles near his eyes. His mind was racing, pulsing, spitting out new thoughts on the girl he met at the dance.

It was almost like sleeping to him, when he met her. Slowly and then all at once. He was conscious at first and everything else followed without him noticing. He watched her, standing off to the side as his friends pulled on ladies hands to dance. His voice got caught in his throat, like a fishing line was trying to pull it further and further down and into his stomach. The music bounced and pounded in his chest, the only feeling he could feel as he saw her sway to the music. He didn’t know what the song was called but it had to be beautiful for her to dance to it. He wanted to speak to her, to ask her how he evening was, but the words only tumbled around throughout his mouth, never exiting his lips.

Then, he saw it, the man with hair the color of a q-tip, approached her. He had lost his chance, or so he thought. He watched as the mystery girl tumbled onto the dance floor, her hands held against her will. He could see her struggle, trying to get away from the man. Her lips mouthed “let me go.” As if courage had struck him down like lightning, he dashed across the tiled floor. His palms sweaty and no clear thought in his mind except attack. Bucky thrusted himself onto the man, his vision blurry, laying punch after punch. He didn't count he only knew he had won when the man skattered.

Bucky hit the sandbag again. His arms now heavy as if dead weights had been strapped to them. He shook his head, running his wrapped hand through his unruly waves of hair. He couldn't understand how one night and a small,one sided conversation with a woman he barely met, could make him feel this strange. He chalked it up to fate, maybe even destiny, all he knew was that he had to see her again. To make her a permanent part in his life. Was that what love at first sight felt like? An inability to think properly all because of a rude girl in a dress? All because she said no?

That's what made Bucky's thoughts rattle inside his skull. Why did her rejection make her so appealing to him? It happened so fast that he questioned himself. Sitting on the cold floor, with his hands wrapped around his head, Bucky went back and forth through his thoughts. He wanted to leave it be, to leave her alone but the pit of his stomach lurched at the thought of never seeing her again. He knew he could let this one go, not Evelyn. He was going to get her. He felt her in his reach, grazing his fingertips but he feared that the moment he went to grab her, she would dissipate. Fate may have brought them together but Bucky was going to make sure she ever left.


          “You could take her to that drive in movie that everyone has been raving about?” Steve offered as he picked at the loose string on his pressed pants. His voice was soft almost in a whisper.

          “Drive in movie? You mean Makeout point, no way am I going to take her to that place,” Bucky scoffed at the idea, tossing and Apple in his hand and catching it mid air, “No, I'm not taking a girl like that to Makeout point.”

         “Why don't you take her to the fair this Saturday? Everyone loves a good fair,” Steve asked. Bucky looked at

The two of them sat outside the apartment, Bucky and Steve. Steve had listened to Bucky ramble on about the perfect way to ask Evelyn on a date, sweating like a sinner in church. Tossing a small red ball up and down, Bucky asked Steve to give him ideas on how to create a perfect date for her.

“Why not take her to that drive in movie on that cliff?” Steve offered. He found it funny, in a way, that Bucky was asking him for advice. Bucky always seemed to have a plan, whether it was a girl or Steve, he always had one. He knew the right places to take the girls, wowing them with places they had never been. Giving Steve dirty boxing tips if he ever got into a fight he couldn’t get out of. Steve still remembers the hooking the hip trick, a blow even his weak body could dish out.

Steve was the exact opposite of Bucky, maybe that’s the reason they worked so well with each other. He was seventeen, the same age as Bucky but he didn’t look like it. Many had mistook him for Bucky’s little brother, it had bugged him but he learned to get over it. Bucky was like a mentor to Steve, spending more time with him than he did at home with his mother. He always tried to catch up to Bucky but would fall behind, that didn’t stop either of them. Bucky seemed to challenge Steve everyday, pushing him past him limits because he believe that he could do it. They were partners in crime, and partially an unstoppable force.

“A drive in movie, you mean a place where everyone smooches and gets all touchy? No way am I taking her to something like that, she’d know something was up the moment we walked in that place,” Bucky stood and tossed the red ball into the air, catching it with one hand. He had began to pace back and forth, “ No, I need something better than that.”

“How about the fair that’s coming to town this weekend? Everyone loves a good fair.” Steve suggested as Bucky turned to him. His eyes grew wide, his toothy grin even wider. Bucky bounced the ball and caught it again mid air.

“I have to say Steve you are a pure genius, but how am I going to ask her?” Bucky tapped his two index fingers to his plump lips, the ball still in his hand. He mind was pondering at the ideas that were beginning to cluster inside his head.

“Well politely would be a good start, hopefully she doesn’t bite off your head,” Steve chortled and then he paused for a moment, “ Do you think this is a good idea, you and her?” “I won’t get hurt, she’ll say yes to me. Like you said, Everyone loves a good fair,” Bucky smiled before he sat back down next to his friend.

    “No,” Evelyn said plainly as she grabbed her lunch and placed it on a tray. Bucky stood in front of her, his sickly sweet smile slowly fading off his face. He was dumbfounded at her response to his offer to the fair. Evelyn felt a pang of sadness hit and radiate across her chest. She was caught off guard by his reaction to her refusal.

“Would you at least think about it a little longer, it is only a few days away. I wanted to repay you for giving me back my jacket,” Bucky tried to bargain with her, he wasn’t taking her no for an answer. It was a dangerous thing to do and to him, he thought, that he was no better than her attacker at the dance but he had to try.

Evelyn cocked her head to the side, eyebrows furrowed as she stared at Bucky. There was something about his persistence that made her smile, on the inside of course, and feel bad for him at the same time. To her, at least what it seemed like, Bucky was trying to be nice. The gesture in itself was nice and something she had never heard before. He didn’t ask her to some place secluded, some place where he could slip his hand up her dress and no one could hear her scream. No, This was a place where there would dozens of people enjoying time together and playing games. Evelyn had never been to the fair before and aside from this offer, she might never go.

“Alright, I accept your offer to go to the fair, but there will be no funny business. I will not hesitate to hurt you if you try something,” Evelyn spoke sternly, like she was giving a lesson. Bucky disregarded the tone, his smile now even stickier and more sweet than Evelyn could bare. She looked at him with caution, as if he were a bomb about to explode in her face.

“Thank you so much, I’ll pick you up at your place, say five o’clock?”

“I am perfectly capable of walking myself to the fair. I’ll meet you at the ferris wheel at five on the dot,” Evelyn wasn’t going to allow him to get away with his victory just yet, her guard was up and it wasn’t coming down. Just because he offered the date doesn’t mean she’ll take it will all the strings attached. Bucky made his bargain and now so did she. It was only fair.

“You know, you are something else, Evelyn. I have never heard of a woman wanting to walk alone,” Bucky chuckled. Evelyn found herself smirking at his remark, a wicked smirk. Her small full lips curved at the ends as she turned to walk away.

“I expect to be nothing less than myself,”Evelyn boasted as she sauntered off, her hips swaying in satisfaction underneath her skirt. Bucky bit his lip and growled lowly as he watched her walk away. He dropped his line, slowly but surely he would begin to reel her in.

As Evelyn made it to her secluded table at the end of the courtyard, the smile had not left her face. It stayed there like a stubborn stain, something no hot water and soap would clear away. She sat in gratification of what she thought was a great plan to not getting her heart hurt, but something tugged at the back of her head. A switch, a simple light being turned on in the dark recesses of her brain. A section that had not been touched in quite some time had been opened and the cogs began to turn, wiping away the dirt and cobwebs.

Without her knowing, she was opening herself up to him. Slowly, and cautiously, it was a dangerous game to play with herself. Like russian roulette, how many empty clicks of the gun would lead her to her death with a bullet in her head? She was gambling with her heart, she didn’t know if she would come out on top or would she leave bankrupt. She was dancing with the devil but instead of a red man with a tail, it was a gentleman with steely eyes that made her knees unconsciously tremble.

“Don’t let him,” Evelyn half whispered to herself as she dug into her food. She began to think on what to wear to the Fair. Something loose, enough to slip a knife into her stockings would do. She wouldn’t go unprepared in case he tried something. She doubted it but never say never. She felt that he was secretly scared of her, intimidated by her strength. It was a selfish thought to think she had to admit, but it was nothing she didn’t think already. Men didn’t exactly line up to ask for her hand, and she liked it that way.

Evelyn spent the rest of her day after school hunting down the perfect dress in closet, trying them on and discarding them. For some reason, a reason unknown to her, she felt the need to impress Bucky. She wanted to look perfect, but also dangerous. After going through every dress in her closet, Evelyn bit her lip and urged herself to pick a dress from the discarded pile. She pulled out an olive green dress and a pair of brown heels.

The rest of the night was filled with preparation, Evelyn had began to sew strings to her heart. She wanted to make sure it stayed in place incase it wanted to sink in the event of Bucky being something he didn’t mention. She planned for the worst case scenario, for her heart to be broken. She didn’t want her hopes to be high, it was just a date after all.

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