Evelyn Rose Williams had always been an independent woman, a rare and uninviting thing in the 1930's. It wasn't until a man saved her life and showed her a side of herself she didn't know she had, did she realize how much help she was going to need in the world she was now dropped in. Death, chaos, love, pain and torture, a mixture so deadly no one can one but them. Evelyn will do everything thing she can to take him back, even if that means falling down the same rabbit hole.


2. Dancing Dangerously

Chapter 2: Dancing Dangerously

       October 20,1935

    Evelyn had kept to her word to her father and bought a ticket to the Autumn Dance Extravaganza. She knew it would make her father happy and even if she didn’t make any friends that night, she'd do it just for the sight of his smile. John wasn’t going to be home to send her off, but he did tell her that if anything seems off, to go straight home and lock the doors. He also told her to have fun and make it an “experience of a lifetime”. He left her her mother’s old emerald necklace, a tear drop gem on a silver chain, older than anything Evelyn ever owned.

    “Have fun tonight Eve,” were the last words spoke to her before her father left.

      With her dandelion colored dress and mahogany colored heels, Evelyn headed to the dance. It was taking place in the gym, a place where thousands of people would be dancing...and judging. Though Evelyn never cared what people had to say about her, she couldn't help but check herself every five minutes before entering the dance.

      There were round tables in every corner of the gym, groups of people filling most of them. The most popular songs were being played by the band on the stage. Girls had their hair high and tight to their heads, their dresses flowing and twirling with every spin they made. Men leaned against the walls, waiting for the right moment to scoop up their woman and throw them into the air. Dancing was the way most teens expressed themselves, fast and always moving.

      Evelyn had looked up to see several chandeliers hanging from the bright colored ceiling. It was something she had never seen before. She clung to her clutch and the wall, making her way to the punch bowl. A slow song had finished playing and Evelyn could sense a faster and more upbeat song approaching. “In the mood” by the well known composer,Glenn Miller, filled the gym.

     Suddenly, all the students piled onto the dance floor. Dancing rapidly, swinging their hips, legs and hands. Evelyn swayed her hips as she watched from afar. She wasn't much of a dancer, she only learned a few steps from her mother. She smiled shyly at the sight of couples who danced closely, men tossing their women into the air and catching them at just the right second. Evelyn sipped at her cup of watered down punch.

    “ hey there sweet patootie, wanna dance?” A man with starch white hair shimmied over to her. He grinned widely, showing even whiter teeth.

    “ I don't dance,” Evelyn simply replied and smiled.

    “Come on hot mama, what if I slipped a little booze in ya punch, that make ya dance with me?”

      “ I said no,” Evelyn now sounded stern. She tried to walk away from the man, but he grabbed her arm. She spilled her drink on the floor, her clutch following after. Evelyn spun to look at the man as he pulled her closer to him.

       His grip lowered and tightened on her wrist. She tried to jerk away from him but his grip was too tight to get out of. The man pulled her waist to his and began swaying her around. Evelyn stumbled, flailing her arms about, trying to escape.

       “Let go of me!”

      “Not happening puddin, how about a kiss,” he pressed, they were practically skin to skin now. Evelyn tried to shove the man as hard as she could but he wouldn't budge. She was about to hit him in the groin when a flying blur took the man to the ground, causing her to spin around.

         Evelyn turned around to see a man had tackled her attacker to the ground and was now punching him. The stranger hit him three times in the face and once in the gut. Starch haired boy scrambled to his feet, the collar of his suit stained with blood from his nose. He looked from the stranger to Evelyn before dashing to the exit.

       The stranger dusted off his knees and jacket sleeves before turning to face Evelyn. A man with wavy hair the color of hickory and steely blue eyes stared at her with concern. He was wearing a pressed brown suit as he casually walked over to her. He picked up her clutch and handed it to her.

     “You alright miss?” The tall man asked shaking his hand as bruises began to form.

“Yes I am, I could have handled that myself,” Evelyn grumbled as she walked past him. He chuckled as he chased after her. He kept pace with her as she marched faster towards the exits.

“My name is Bucky by the way, what's your name?”

“Bucky? Your actual name is Bucky?” Evelyn laughed only to stop at seeing him smile at her. He rubbed the back of his head as his smile grew wider.

“Actually my name is James Buchanan Barnes, but everyone calls me Bucky.”

“Evelyn Rose Williams, and if you're waiting for a thank you Bucky you aren't going to get one,” Evelyn mocked as she went to open the gym door. Bucky placed his arm in front of her, blocking her from leaving.

“ I'm not asking for a thank you, I would like to walk you home. Who knows if that guy or others will come after you.”

“I think I can handle myself,” Evelyn started for the door but was blocked again.

“Then at least take my jacket. It's cold out there, don't want a pretty girl like you to catch a cold.”Evelyn looked at him as if he was insane. She was confused on why he was being so persistent,” The suit actually looks better without it. Never really liked the jacket anyway.”

     Bucky unbuttoned his jacket and draped it over Evelyn's small shoulders. It enveloped her, almost like she was two sizes too small for the jacket. For the first time, Evelyn was left speechless. She didn't know what to say, she just stared at him. Bucky removed his arm from the door and backed away slowly, turning and began walking back to the dance. Evelyn watched him go as he stuffed his hands in his pockets. He turned his head to stare back at her another time before he disappeared into the crowd.

      Evelyn exited the gym and walked home. She pulled the suit jacket up to her nose. The strong musky smell sent a tingling sensation down her spine. She felt odd, like what just took place didn't happen. She felt lost, she didn't know what to do. It bothered her that she couldn’t wrap her brain around a simple event. It was all just a blur to her, the starch hair colored boy, the man that saved her..Bucky. She knew how to defend herself but she never thought the day would come when she would have to. She didn’t have time to panic or properly respond to what had happened to her. Evelyn let out a shallow sigh as she continued to walk down the street, nearly missing the turn.

      Unlocking the door, Evelyn stumbled through the short and narrow hallway towards her small bedroom. She placed her clutch and shoes on the white and rickety chair in front of her vanity. Flopping on her small bed she rubbed her feet as they achingly throbbed. Evelyn realized she was still wearing Bucky’s jacket. She ripped it off of her in disgust and threw it on the floor. Things were becoming clearer to her or maybe they were getting foggier. She didn’t want the man who saved her jacket on her, it let her know that she was helpless. As an independent women, this angered her because she felt like she didn’t need to be saved. As she stated early to the wavy haired gentlemen she wasn’t going to thank him because she could have done it herself. Looking at it long and hard, Evelyn picked up the coat and placed it in her closet on a hanger. She didn't want it to get ruined because she planned on giving it back to him. She didn't want the reminder of her being weak or having a man save her in her closet.


“Here’s your jacket,” Evelyn spoke as she placed Bucky’s jacket on the lunch table. Her body was stiff, tensed up by the other men at the table looking at her. Bucky took the jacket and folded it in his hands, beaming at the sight that was in front of him. Evelyn shifted her gaze at the person sitting next to him, a blonde and scrawny looking boy. If the wind had picked up outside, she feared he might break in half.

“Thank you Evelyn. I didn’t expect it to be returned so soon,” Bucky chuckled under his breath. His eyes were fixed on Evelyn, she looked different in the daylight. What appeared to be long, dark brown hair at the dance was now deep auburn. Her skin was more peachy than pale and he could now see a small patch of freckles on her nose. Her figure was small but muscular, a balance between feminine and threatening.

“Well it wasn’t mine to keep,” Evelyn spoke quickly as she turned to leave, her hair swinging around as it landed on her shoulder.

“Wait! How do I repay you,” Bucky yelled after her. She stopped and hesitantly turned to face him. She looked at him with an irritated expression, the conversation was going on long than she wanted. She just wanted to hand him his jacket and leave, nothing else.

“I think you have done enough. I didn’t ask for help nor did I ask for your jacket. I don’t need repayment for a mistake. Have a good day,”  Without giving him time to respond, evelyn whipped herself around again and was gone. Bucky was left out of words to say and a grin on his face.

“Well that went worse than expected,” the blonde boy spoke, “She is even worse in person, way worse than you described.”

Bucky turned to the scrawny boy-like man and smirked. He remembered the moment he got home, when he talked to Steve about the encounter at the dance. He had never seen or spoke to a women like Evelyn before and it felt weird to him, but he enjoyed something new. Bucky talked on and on about the way Evelyn looked, that he had his eyes on her before the commotion even started. He planned on talking to her but the perfect moment sparked something different.

“I think she’s perfect,” Bucky spoke under his breath.

“Who’s perfect?” A tall female approached the table, her ebony locks bouncing as she sat herself and her tray on the flat surface. Steve, the blonde boy, smiled softly and watched as the woman placed a napkin in her lap.

“Evelyn, the girl I met at the dance.”

“Oh...her. Listen cuz, I don’t think saving a girl and giving her your jacket after five minutes qualifies her as perfect,” she scoffed, digging her fork into her fruit. Bucky rolled his eyes and placed his jacket next to him. His friends had already left, heading to a new table to chat with other people. Steve laughed nervously, rubbing his sweaty palms together under the table.

“Just because you are my cousin doesn’t mean you get to judge my taste in people, Kat.”

“That’s the perfect reason why I have to, especially women. The girl gets saved by you and barely has the nerve to say thank you. That doesn’t qualify as taste if you ask me, more like smell, and to me she smells a little bitter.” Caitlyn scrunched up her face before letting out a loud chuckle. Steve laughed as he looked over at his best friend who wasn’t having any of the jokes. Bucky sighed and looked out at the courtyard, he knew they didn’t understand his attraction to Evelyn, neither did he.

To him, Evelyn was something different. She wasn’t like those other girls he would see in the hall, fluffing their hair and walking with their heads held high, no. Evelyn was rough around the edges, she wasn’t refined and pressed into a perfect mold like most of the teen girls at Brooklyn high school. She refused to be taken care of or helped. She was independent, something that was meant to be chased, to be cherished. Bucky was up for the chase, from the moment he saw her. He knew he would be steps behind her and it would take a while to get to her, but he knew in the end it would be worth it.

“Are you coming straight home today, Buck?” Caitlyn asked as she dumped her tray in the garbage. Bucky, refusing to stare at her, shook his head.

“I’ve got boxing today, won’t be home until after dark.” The bell rang for class to start again. Caitlyn removed herself from the table, smiling at Steve before heading to her class. Steve’s eyes followed her as she left, her coal curls swaying in the breeze. Bucky, who had been watching, smirked and smacked Steve on the back. The stick figure of a man lurched forward, coughing like the wind had been knocked out of him.

“You should come with me ya know,” Bucky pulled Steve into him by his shoulder, “Plenty of girls would kill for a boxer, especially a looker like you.”

“Me? Boxing? No, that’s your thing Buck, besides I’d probably never make it out alive,” Steve frowned as he rubbed his shoulder. Bucky looked at him sideways, grinning. The thought of Steve being in shape like Bucky was, was almost unimaginable to some people. Bucky believed he could, but Steve never tried.  

“Not with me as your coach. I can beat you into shape,” Bucky offered.

“That guarantees I won’t make it out alive. I’ll stick to the movies and books,” Steve chuckled as he parted from his friend. Steve waved as he trotted to his classroom. Shaking his head, Bucky went in the opposite direction. His mind was in a thousand places at once, Steve, Caitlyn, and now Evelyn. For a guy like Bucky, a straight A student and great athlete, a girl rarely crossed his mind for more than a day. He would take them out and be with another the next day. The girls didn’t mind, they were the same too. Bucky’s heart was being tugged in a direction that was new to him. It was going down a path that had no known outcome. He didn’t know if this was a one date ending or a forever ending, either way he was eager to find out. Even if that meant that Evelyn was unaware.

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