Evelyn Rose Williams had always been an independent woman, a rare and uninviting thing in the 1930's. It wasn't until a man saved her life and showed her a side of herself she didn't know she had, did she realize how much help she was going to need in the world she was now dropped in. Death, chaos, love, pain and torture, a mixture so deadly no one can one but them. Evelyn will do everything thing she can to take him back, even if that means falling down the same rabbit hole.


1. Before

      October 12, 1935            

Swing music poured out of every club on the Brooklyn streets. A teen girl walked with her head high as she listened to the upbeat and joyous melodies all around her. She didn't move her feet to it or bob her head like many of the other patrons on the street. It was late at night and she had one thing on her mind, her father. She had been walking to his work at the meat packing factory, picking him up because she didn't like the idea of him walking home alone. There are many foolish and dangerous people who would kill for a meat packers paycheck, especially in this day in age.            

Evelyn's brown heels clacked on the concrete in an even rhythm, her evergreen dress brushing up against her calves as an autumn breeze blew by. She was a near mile away from her father's work and even farther from the nearest police station. People would steal a paycheck and a  sixteen year old girl too on these streets but Evelyn was unafraid. Fortunately for her, her father had taught her some techniques to fend off any unwanted attention. Even though he knew those techniques from the previous war, Evelyn's father was old and getting weak. Evelyn was afraid he wouldn't last an attack.             

"Evening miss," a middle aged man tipped his hat and walked past. She kept a straight face and kept walking. Evelyn was a rare person in her town, a woman who didn't need a man to protect her nor give her love. She felt that her future came first before love, but that was also her father talking. That's how he met her mother, Mary. He waited for her to create her future the way she wanted before she accepted his proposal.          

 Evelyn shook her head at the thought of her mother. She didn't like to think about her too often, it hurt her to think about the loss of someone so influential to her. Tuberculous took her mother when Evelyn was ten years old. Her father took it the hardest and Evelyn became the strong one for the both of them. She dropped him off in the morning to his work, went to school, and picked him up. She made breakfast, lunch and dinner, often cleaning up after him as well. Evelyn didn't mind because it was only her father she was looking after, he was the last person she had left, it made sense to her to do anything she could to protect him.           

Evelyn turned the corner and entered the area of her father’s work. The smell of smoke and raw processed meat filled her nose. A familiar and inviting smell to her. She smiled, preparing herself to see her father's face. The bell rang, the metal doors on either side of the large metal facility swung open. Loud, roaring and groaning men exited the site as they talked about how long their days were and how they couldn't wait to see their wives. As the crowds dissipated, Evelyn saw her father, a six foot tall man with graying hair.           

"Dad!" She called out. The man looked up from the ground, a smile immediately spreading across his face. He picked up his pace, limping over to his beloved and only daughter. He latched on to her, hugging and squeezing her tightly.           

" Eve! You grow even more beautiful each day I see you. How was school?" He laughed as he pulled away. He cupped her face with his rough hand, moving it to brush her auburn hair out of her pale face. She saw his glimmering blue eyes in the moonlight, a comforting pair that showed excitement through a harsh day.          " Same as always Dad, normal and educating."         

 "Did you make any friends today?" Evelyn's father asked excitedly. Her face fell slightly as she looked at him. She shook her head as he frowned, then laughing it off.         

 " I don't need friends, they would only pull me back from my education and future," She explained. Before he could retort against her idea, a man approached the pair with a clipboard in hand. He looked like he was frustrated with something, looking back and forth between Evelyn and her father.    

" Mr. John Williams, I need you to work double shifts tomorrow and Sunday, along with the rest of the week." He spoke plainly. Evelyn looked at him as if he had been speaking to the wrong person. He expected so much of her father, an aging and crippling man. Those hours would be nearly all day, with no resting period. Evelyn wouldn’t see or hear from her father for the rest of the week.         

 " Sir, you can't expect my father to work on a Sunday and all those other days! He's not strong enough to handle that kind of work."           

" Oh I expect him to, that's what he's paid for," the man turned to John, his eyes giving off an icy glare.           

"He's barely paid anything!" Evelyn retorted.        

 "John...I never expected you to have a daughter who can't hold her tongue in front of a man. If this is how you truly feel, I can give this job to another person more capable." the man spoke in a condescending tone, turning away. John sighed and grabbed the man's shoulder. Evelyn stood off to the side as she scowled at her father's boss.          

" No, I am perfectly capable sir. I will work the double shifts, no questions asked." 

“Good, have a great rest of your night, maybe use the time to teach your daughter a thing a two about manners. Evelyn stepped up to the man but was stopped by her father’s arm across her stomach, pushing her away. John nodded and turned away from his boss, pulling her with him. Her heels clacked loudly as she stomped away. As they walked the five miles to their house, they did so in silence. Evelyn had a lot to say to her father and John knew it. She tried to muster up the words to tell him how insane he was for taking all the hours he did but no matter how she put it, it sounded harsh. As the cold wind blew against them, Evelyn’s rage on the matter grew until she couldn’t contain it any longer.  “You can’t take all those hours dad. Who’s going to take care of you.” She spoke plainly but her words were full of anger. She was worried her father wouldn’t last the week. Packing large amounts of meat for a constant amount of time on a frail back wouldn’t do him any good. 

 “I need those hours, Eve. Someone has to pay for the apartment and for you, that person is me. I can’t lose this job,” John’s voice rose, echoing throughout the street. Evelyn shrank under her father’s rage, she knew he was right but she couldn’t help being worried about the only family member she had left. 

“Jesus Evelyn, what you did back there could have cost me the only way of providing for you. I know you care and I thank you for that, but sometimes you need to keep your mouth shut. You can talk that way at home but not in front of those people, understand?” 

“Understood sir.” 


The rest of the walk was in silence, not a word spoken between them. Only the low rumble of the autumn wind was the sound ringing in their ears. It was near midnight, a usual time they got to their rusted and dingy apartment. Evelyn didn’t mind the lack of sleep , she had trained her body to run on only seven hours of it. As they rounded the corner, she could see the outline of the bug building. It was large and looked like a brick box, with hundreds of families living in them.  John and Evelyn lived on the third floor, taking two flights of stairs. It was a strain on John’s knees but he managed through the pain. There was a lot of things medically wrong with him, things that Evelyn knew nothing about. John wanted to preserve his image of slight strength in front of his daughter, to stop her from worrying. His knees, back and arms ached everyday and there was nothing he could do about it. He once coughed up blood, since then it has been the one secret he hid from his only will to live. 

 “ I have a surprise for you, Eve,” John spoke softly, almost in a whisper. He unlocked the door to their home, the smell of gardenias and soap filled their noses. Evelyn cocked her head to the side, confused. John pointed to the arm of the couch, coughing lightly. Evelyn walked cautiously to piece of furniture, it was something wrapped in a sheer plastic. Gold lettering spelled out : Claire’s beauty shop. It was a well known and expensive shop in the town of Brooklyn.  Evelyn carefully pulled the plastic off the object. She gasped at the sight of a light yellow, cap-sleeved, knee high dress. She turned to her father who smiled as he half a pair of shoes and a beer in his hand. Evelyn shook her head in disbelief as she pressed the dress against her frame. Placing the dress on the couch she raced and hugger her father tightly, he chuckled in response. 

“ How did you get this?” 

“You don’t need to know. Maybe you could wear this to that dance that’s coming up?” John poked.

Evelyn unlatched from her father and sighed, “ Please Evelyn, just go to the dance and try to get some friends. You deserve it after all the hard work you do here.” 

“You are really going to pull that card father?” Evelyn smirked as she took the shoes from him. He laughed and smirked devilishly, “ Alright, alright I’ll go. But I’m telling you, nothing and I mean nothing, interesting is going to happen. I can promise you that.” 

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