Shadows and Sickness

Everyone was too busy taking care of a sick persona to notice the person in the shadows, waiting to make the perfect appearance.


2. Sickness

Virgil's POV

It has been three weeks since the nightmare. I hardly slept. Every time I would close my eyes an image of the others would pop up along with him. I feel like I know him but what I’ve been told was that he has been around a couple of times. All those times being ‘not good’ according to Patton.  The other three hardly talk about ‘that time’ The only reason I know he even existed was because I overheard Roman and Logan talking about it, so I asked Patton. He didn’t want to talk about it, but he told me anyway.


“uh..Patton..” I hesitantly went up to him. He smiled at me like he always does.

“What’s up kiddo,” He replied. I played with my hoodie a little bit.

“uh..I..uh..overheard Logan and Roman talking,” I stated. He waited for me to continue. I sighed, might as well hurry and get this over with. “WastheresomeonewhowasaroundbeforeIwas?” I asked quickly. Patton looked at me, his smile fading.  I looked down, he didn’t seem very happy. But he nodded.

“He showed up a couple of times,” Patton said solemnly.

“Who is he?” I slowly replied. I didn’t want to make Patton mad at me for asking too many questions.

“Someone you don’t want to mess with.” came the parent's reply. “We don’t talk about that time.”

Curiosity was getting the better of me as I continued to ask another question. “What happened the last time whoever this person is, came?” Patton shook his head.

“It was not good,” Patton said. He walked away mumbling and I couldn’t hear what he said. I went to my room and sat on my bed. Who was this person and why don’t they talk about him?

**End Flashback**

I laid on my bed thinking about my nightmare again. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, especially when I can’t sleep. It haunts me but I can't help to wonder if it's going to come true. I'm the darker emotions of Thomas, I always think of the worst possible things that can happen.

"I told you, we don't talk about it." I heard talking. Who would be talking at four in the morning? I heard someone reply, but I couldn't tell what they said. It sounded like Roman and Patton were talking. There were more muffled talking and having nothing else to do I just listened the best I could. I couldn't hear anything anyone was saying. I felt my eyelids get heavy and trying to keep from falling asleep I sat up.

Bad Idea.

I felt dizzy and the room was spinning. There were black dots dancing cross the already dark room. Feeling myself fall I sunk into unconsciousness.



"We meet again." I found myself in a dark room and quickly looked around for the person that the voice belonged to. It seemed familiar like I've heard it somewhere.

"Virge," I heard Patton's voice, but it sounded faint. I looked around the room and saw him laying on the floor in a corner. He looked like he was crying.

"Patton," I started running to where he was. But it seemed like the more I ran the farther away I got.

"I will rip everything from you," a voice echoed throughout the room. I kept running towards Patton. He looked hurt and it pained me to see him like that. I should be the one hurting, not him.

"You must stop him. Logan is already gone" Patton whispered before disappearing from sight. A laughter echoed everywhere.

"Think you can stop me? Patton puts a lot of trust in you," I saw someone in the shadows." but what about everyone else?" I've seen him somewhere, but I can't remember where. He held up his hand and pointed to the other side of the room.

"Virgil, get away from him," Roman yelled as soon as he saw me. I was frozen to the spot. "Virge he's messing with you, don't do it." Roman looked like he was chained to the wall, like the prince in the Disney movie 'Sleeping Beauty' He pulled against his chains and tried to break free. "Virge please don't do it, I'm your friend." The shadowed person smiled.

"It's funny how strong a prince seems until his life is in danger." He looked at me. "then he becomes weak." I was confused. I held up my hand to find a knife in it. What was going on? It's like I couldn't control myself as I put my hand up and pointed the knife at Roman and slowly started walking towards him.

"Virge please." He was almost in tears. I felt tears coming into my eyes as I point the knife at him, the tip was now touching his chest over his heart. I knew what was going to happen before I did it. But I couldn't control myself. It was like someone else was controlling me. After Roman disappeared I dropped the knife and fell to my knees as a laughter echoed across the room.



I sat bolt up. I was laying in my bed in my room. It was just another nightmare. I told myself over and over again. I remember blacking out, but I don't remember laying on my pillow putting a blanket on me before I did.

"You're awake," I jumped a little and turned my head to the direction of the overly excited voice to find Patton jumping up and down. I nodded, not yet trusting my voice. After Patton calmed down some, he hugged me. I flinched as not used to getting physical contact.

"How long was I asleep?" I asked Patton. He sat on a chair that was by my bed.

"Two days. Logan says you have a fever. You also need to eat and drink something and get lots of sleep so you can get better," He replied turning around and pulling out a glass of water. I don't think I'm getting sleep anytime soon. My nightmare replied in my head over and over again.

And I realized something. The same shadow in my nightmare was the same one as before.

This cannot be a coincidence. Can it?

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