Shadows and Sickness

Everyone was too busy taking care of a sick persona to notice the person in the shadows, waiting to make the perfect appearance.


3. movie night

Patton’s POV

We were having a movie night. It was one of those times were we all decided to spend the night together and watch a movie. To have some quality family time together.


“Is everyone here?” Thomas asked looking around. We were in his living room. It was my idea. Sometimes we would invite Thomas because he needed a break and if he got to know us better than we would get along better. A least that’s what my idea is. Logan says since we are already a part of Thomas we don’t need him to get to know us better and that he knew us as much if not more than we knew ourselves. But Logan agreed with me anyway. Mostly because he knew as much as I did that Thomas needed a break.


“Did anyone invite Virgil?” Roman asked. I’m glad that Roman and Virge has been getting along better. Roman is trying his hardest to include and not make fun of Virgil. It’s also hard on all of us because Virge talks so badly about himself. But he’s also trying his hardest not to ‘bring the group down’ as he says it.

“I’ll go get him,” I jumped up and walked to his room. Everyone nodded and waited for me to get back.

I walked to his room and knocked on the door. “Virgil, we were wondering if you would want to have a movie night with us. If you don’t then that;s okay too, but we were going to spend time as a family.” I said behind the door. I waited for a reply. Getting none I tried again.

“Virgil,” I waited. Nothing. “Virge I’m opening the door” I opened it to find him laying there. He was on his bed asleep.

“Patton what’s taking you so-” Roman asked me. He stopped when he saw Virgil.

"aww," I couldn't contain myself.

"He looks so peaceful." Roman stated. "but he needs his sleep. Let's not wake up."

"Ok we can ask him if he wants to do movie night with us later." I stated walking off, Roman following behind.



We watched some cartoons for awhile, then we ended up watching Disney for the rest of the time. Around two in the morning we all decided to go to sleep. Or at least Roman and I decided to go to bed. Logan went to bed earlier than all of us and Thomas was asleep on the couch.

"That was fun," Roman stated yawning. "It's a shame Virgil didn't join us." I stood up as well nodding to agree with Roman. It would have been fun with Virge joining us, but we'll just have to wait until next time. I went into my room and went to bed.



"Patton," I woke to someone calling my name. "Patton wake up." I put my glasses on and checked the time. It was about 4 in the morning. I opened my bedroom door to find Roman standing there.

“What is it kiddo?” I asked. Roman looked around then started talking.

“You remember him right?” Roman asked. I nodded. Why would Roman come to me at 4 in the morning to talk about it?

“Do you think he’ll ever come back?” Roman asked. I shook my head.

“Let’s hope not,” I replied.

“What if he does?”  Roman kept asking.

“Let’s not talk about it,” That time was a scary time for all of us and it brings in bad memories.

“Maybe in the morning I’ll ask Logan what he thinks about if he comes back.” Roman mumbled to himself.

“I told you, we don’t talk about it.” I stated. “I don’t want Virge finding out more than he already does.”

“What do you mean?” Roman stopped talking and looked at me. I yawned.

“He came to me a long while ago and asked me about him” I replied recalling that time.

“Did he ever say who he heard about him from?” Roman got quiet waiting for my answer.

“He told me that he overheard you and Logan talking about someone that came before him so he asked me if it really happened.” I said yawning again. “Let’s go to bed and we can just forget about all this. He’s never going to come back.” Roman slowly nodded and walked towards his room. I went back into my room and laid on my bed. Why would Roman come to me at four in the morning just to ask those questions? He knows we don’t talk about that time. With those thoughts on my mind I fell back to sleep.

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