Shadows and Sickness

Everyone was too busy taking care of a sick persona to notice the person in the shadows, waiting to make the perfect appearance.


4. Doubts

Roman’s POV

It was around two in the morning when Patton and I decided to finally go to sleep. Thomas was asleep on the couch and Logan went to bed early because “cartoons are unrealistic and a waste of time”

We said goodnight to each other as and I went to my room. I loved my room as it was a combination of everything I loved. Disney, musicals, theater and many other wonderful things. I got into bed and let the darkness overtake me as I drifted off to dreamland.



I found myself in a dark hallway. This was strange.

"Hey Roman," a voice said behind me. The voice was one I hadn't heard in a very long time.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him. "You aren't supposed to be back, we got rid of you."

"Tsk tsk, well not everything is what it seems." He replied. I conjured up my sword and lunged at him. He stepped aside and I found myself being chained to the wall. I tried to break the chains, but I couldn't. I looked for the person who did this but saw Virgil instead, standing right next to him.

"Virgil, get away from him," I yelled at him. Why wasn't he moving? I saw the knife in his hand and I looked at the person standing next to him. I knew what was going to happen. "Virge he's messing with you, don't do it." I pulled against the chains.  "Virge please don't do it, I'm your friend." The shadowed person smiled.

"It's funny how strong a prince seems until his life is in danger." He looked at Virgil." then he becomes weak." A look of confusion swept across Virge's face and he held up his hand and saw the knife. Virgil held up the knife and started walking towards me. It looked like he couldn't control himself.

"Virge please." I could feel tears coming to my eyes. I saw a tear roll down his cheek as he put the knife over my chest. I looked across the room and saw a smirk on the face of him. That's the last thing I saw.



Sitting up panting I still felt the pain in my chest of the knife. What was that all about? I knew it was early in the morning. I wasn't exactly sure of the time, but I wanted to talk to Patton. I needed to. Why was he in my dream? We got right of him. Right?

I went to Patton's room and knocked on the door. He didn't answer. "Patton," I whispered. "Patton wake up." I felt bad that I was waking him up, but I needed to make sure he wasn't coming back at all. He opened the door.

“What is it kiddo?” I looked around then started talking.

“You remember him right?” I asked Patton. He slowly nodded.

“Do you think he’ll ever come back?” I stated. My nightmare flashing through my mind

“Let’s hope not,” He replied. Patton looked about ready to fall asleep. I felt bad for waking him up, but I needed to make sure.

“What if he does?”  I kept asking questions.

“Let’s not talk about it,” He said trying to hold back a yawn. Maybe I'll ask Logan, he's more willing to talk about these things.

“Maybe in the morning, I’ll ask Logan what he thinks about if he comes back,” I mumbled.

“I told you, we don’t talk about it.I don’t want Virge finding out more than he already does.” Patton stated. Virge already knows about him? Since when?

“What do you mean?” I stopped what I was doing and stared at him. Patton tried to stifle a yawn but failed.

“He came to me a long while ago and asked me about him ” He replied. He once again looked lost in thought.

“Did he ever say who he heard about him from?” I asked. It must've been Logan and I when we were talking about it, but what time and how much did he hear?

“He told me that he overheard you and Logan talking about someone that came before him so he asked me if it really happened.” Patton yawned again. “Let’s go to bed and we can just forget about all this. He's Never going to come back.” I nodded and walked towards my room. I have to be careful when talking about him. Especially around Virgil, if Virge knew who he was. Who knows what could happen.

I finally fell asleep still wondering what my unpleasant dream earlier meant.



"Logan!" Hearing Patton woke me up with a start. Patton never yells. Unless there's a good reason too. I jumped out of my bed and ran out the door. Following Logan to Virgil's room, where Patton was.

"What seems to be the cause of your distress?" Logan asked walking in the room. The first thing I saw was Virgil. He looked different. Not himself.

"It's Virgil," Patton stated. He looked extremely worried. "He might be sick."

"Let me check." Logan walked towards Virge's bed. I stood back and watched from the doorway.

"What's wrong?" Patton asked after a while.

"He's just passed out, most likely from lack of sleep. He also has a fever." Logan stated. "I'll go get some supplies. Roman. Go get a damp cloth and a bucket for when he wakes up. We also need a glass of water." I walked off and did as Logan instructed. Patton stayed with Virgil.

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