Saving Kitty | Ongoing

Being the daughter of the coldest, most ruthless alpha to be in power was not always pleasant. The surname 'Flowers' brought fear and terror wherever it was uttered. Her father took destruction with him wherever he went. With a father who despised the word 'no', rejection was never in the cards for Kitty.

However, knowing the consequences of being rejected, Kitty cannot allow harm to befall on Gabriel's pack when he refuses to accept her. Especially knowing how his pack entwines with her own pack already, she vows to help him in any way she can. She refuses to allow him to think that she is a replica of her father.

But secrets can't always be kept hidden.


4. 03 | kairos



kye · ross

the perfect, delicate crucial moment



THROWING MY ARMS IN FRONT OF my face, I screamed.

But there was no impact.

"Leave," a deep voice rumbled through my chest, and I slowly opened my eyes. Whoever he was, he held himself high. His arm was dripping with blood, but his fists were tightly curled. Kit and Kyle had taken a couple of steps back. Kit hadn't changed back, but he was standing protectively in front of his brother. Whoever had saved me was clearly someone they didn't want to challenge.

My saviour's scent lingered, and I savoured it. There was no way to describe his scent; it was somehow relaxing, making me feel safe. Even though my heart was still pumping away due to the fear.

"This isn't the last you'll see of us," Kyle promised. Even though my saviour stood slightly in front of me, as if to shield me, I knew those words were meant for me. I just really hoped they didn't come true.

"I don't like repeating myself," my saviour said, the threat clear in the tone of his voice. His back was rigid, tense. I couldn't peel my eyes from him though. An odd feeling had overcome me; the need to be closer to him. It was probably because he'd saved me – although Mother knew why he had.

The next moment, I heard quick crunching fading into the distance. Kit and Kyle had left. It didn't stop my body from trembling. I'd been so close to death – if it hadn't been for a new stranger, who knew what they would have done.

The stranger turned around, and I was breathless. He was absolutely stunning – if Eden was here, she'd have jumped on him immediately. His slightly tanned skin was sweaty, as if he'd just come from a run. Caramel eyes stared into mine, softening as they took in my messy appearance. I could feel my heart racing, and my body wanting to touch every inch of him.

His eyes darkened, turning from caramel to a brilliant gold.

Gulping, I moved back slightly. His inner wolf was making an appearance and as much as I wanted to throw myself at him, I didn't want to risk annoying him. I knew it didn't take a lot to get someone's inner wolf to take control. Our second nature was more vicious, more aggressive – not that I'd personally experienced it.

He took two long glides before dragging me upright and pulling me to him. Sparks exploded throughout my body at the contact. Everywhere felt on fire – but it was a good pain. There was a small, tiny instinct in the back of my mind screaming at me to stay in his arms forever.

And then I realised why I felt so safe.

"Kathryn Jay Flowers," jumping back from my mate's arms, I whirled around to see my father storming towards me. The look on my father's face caused me to take an involuntary step back. He wasn't just furious, he was livid. I knew that I'd have been in trouble for leaving the territory but my appearance probably didn't help, "How dare you leave the safety of the pack?"

I wanted to look back at my mate, but I knew that there was no reason for me to. Not yet, at least. And if I did, my father would want to know why I was looking at him – you need to stand your ground by yourself, he'd always say. I was useless at speaking for myself.

"I-I-I didn't realise I'd run so far," I shrugged, hoping the lie worked. When I looked up, my heart sunk. Disappointment was written all over his face, but his features hardened when I looked at him.

"Liars get punished," Caleb said and I resisted the urge to scrunch my nose up at him. He was a trusted advisor for my dad, but he wasn't an official pack member. I hated Caleb with a passion – he was cruel and cold, there was no love held in his heart for anyone. The only person he held a slither of loyalty to, was my father.

I said nothing else. Dad knew that I was lying, and there was nothing else I could say or do to rectify the situation. I was stuck; if I even made an attempt to apologise or even explain myself, I could end up with a worse punishment.

My cheeks heated up in embarrassment.

He let out an audible sigh, "We'll talk more when we get home."

Without another word, I kept my head down and nodded. I bit into my lip slightly; my punishment would be harsh. I hadn't just gone against him, I'd humiliated him in front of another wolf.

"Alpha Gabriel, I must thank you for catching my reckless daughter. I do apologise," Alpha? I frowned in confusion before picking up the courage to stare at my mate. His features had hardened and his lips were almost curling downwards into a scowl. The tension had come back. He glanced at me through the corners of his eyes, but his expression didn't falter.

I gulped.

This was not going well.

"I have to ask why she's injured, and why this area reeks of her fear?" The question seemed so innocent, but I could hear his meaning behind it. He was essentially asking Gabriel if he'd done anything to me – even if it was one word that made me feel uncomfortable. I may have been in the doghouse with Dad but he wouldn't accept anyone harming me. An alpha's family was untouchable, or so he'd say.

"Two condemned attacked her," there was another man behind Gabriel. How had I not noticed? Eden would have liked him too – he was built slightly bigger than Gabriel but was a complete contrast. Instead of brunette hair, he was blonde (and it fell to his shoulders in beautiful curls) with bright blue eyes. When his gaze reached mine, there was a pitiful smile on his lips. I didn't like it, "You can ask Kathryn why she is bleeding. We've not been here that long."

Dad stared at me. Shame ran through my veins – I knew what was to come.

"I tripped," my voice was hoarse. Dad's nostrils flared and I felt tears burn at the back of my eyes. The alpha family was at the top of the food chain, and therefore, needed to be the best at everything. We should have been the most nimble, the fastest, the most agile but clearly, I was an exception.

"We'll discuss your abilities when we get home too," his teeth were clenched. I knew I was done for – we wouldn't be talking when we got back. He took in a deep breath, trying to seem relaxed, "Alpha Gabriel, as a thanks for rescuing Kathryn, I'd like to extend an invitation to her celebratory party."

"I'm going to have to decline," there was no mistaking the bitterness in Gabriel's voice. Part of me wanted to gasp at his rejection – nobody rejected my father. He didn't take kindly to that sort of thing; the last time it happened, he killed the wolf. It just so happened to be an alpha. He'd no mercy for those who would refuse him.

However, I had a feeling that I would be suffering the consequences. Somehow, Dad would find it a way to make it my fault. And maybe it was; maybe if I'd shown my alpha strength, he might have been willing to come. At no point, had Gabriel even looked at me though. Something was off but I couldn't tell what.

"Kathryn, come," Dad ordered. Without hesitation, I walked over to him. Standing beside him, I felt horrible. The bond between me and Gabriel was trying to lure me back to him but I couldn't move. Going against Dad once was bad enough, but twice? In front of people? He'd murder me.

Nails dug into my wrist, and I fought off the whimper. Caleb had grabbed a hold of me, and I knew he wouldn't let go so easily. The wolf thrived on pain and I was always an easy target. In my mind, I could see the smug smile sat on Caleb's lips as he gripped tighter. But I could get through the pain, I just needed to hold out a little longer.

"What a shame," Dad said, "I'll send a messenger with the details, just in case you decide to change your mind. There'll be plenty of alphas to meet there, and who knows? Maybe you'll be able to strike something up for the benefit of your pack."

Gabriel said nothing, but stared with stony eyes. Dad whistled, and turned to walk away with Caleb following behind like a puppy. I frowned – shouldn't Gabriel have said something about us being mates? Isn't that what people tended to do once they found the other half to their soul?

As I was being dragged, I turned to see Gabriel staring at me. Standing straighter, he shook his head at me before pivoting around and walking away. Tears clung to my eyes.

He didn't want me.

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