Saving Kitty | Ongoing

Being the daughter of the coldest, most ruthless alpha to be in power was not always pleasant. The surname 'Flowers' brought fear and terror wherever it was uttered. Her father took destruction with him wherever he went. With a father who despised the word 'no', rejection was never in the cards for Kitty.

However, knowing the consequences of being rejected, Kitty cannot allow harm to befall on Gabriel's pack when he refuses to accept her. Especially knowing how his pack entwines with her own pack already, she vows to help him in any way she can. She refuses to allow him to think that she is a replica of her father.

But secrets can't always be kept hidden.


3. 02 | solivagant



sol · ih · vah · gent

wandering alone



THE WOODEN, RICKETY BRIDGE WAS IN my sight. Glee filled every inch of me. I'd finally made it! Touching the wood, a small smile fell on my lips. I was actually here – I'd made it. Seeing the bright green grass on the other side, I felt temptation taint my body. Looking around, I saw no-one. No epilektoi were around the area, and I hadn't seen any on my run. Lifting my nose to the air, the scent that lingered was old; stale. It didn't surprise me – since we had never had an attack, the borders weren't patrolled as heavily.

That wasn't to say the epilektoi didn't sniff around every so often.

Knowing that it was likely my one and only chance to see what lay beyond the pack's borders, I took a step onto the bridge. My heart thundered in my chest – I knew it was wrong. If Dad caught me, he'd skin me alive. It was too dangerous outside of the territory; there were limits to his powers outside the borderline.

This was my one chance to be a little reckless. The last time a condemned had supposedly come this way was a good ten years ago. The story still haunted me, but everyone knew this expanse of land was not to be trespassed on. Maybe if I got closer to the Redford pack – which was only half an hour if you cut through the woods – I might run the risk but I would be safe.

Stepping further into the bridge, I kept an ear out. Not being able to turn didn't hinder my sense of smell, nor my hearing. Apparently, it had enhanced my extra abilities which I was thankful for. Dad had even told me once that I was the best tracker the pack had because of how good my senses were. It was the nicest thing he'd ever said to me, maybe even the only compliment he'd ever given me.

Jumping onto the grass, a thrill ran through me. I'd actually left pack territory – the invisible border may have been a few feet behind me, but I was still on neutral land. For some reason, I had been expecting to feel something different yet, I felt the same. Admittedly, I was starting to feel bad but I just couldn't help it.

Dad had insisted that some of the alphas were to meet with him this week, discuss my birthday with them. I suppose he needed to make sure everyone was happy, and make him appear accommodating. Honestly, I didn't understand why he was pretending to be someone he wasn't – like he'd often said, he didn't get to where he was by pretending.

But I wouldn't get to run this week. Due to the incoming alphas, I needed to help out. Leila had gone back to her old pack to see her family, and so Nathan was left without an anassa-in-training and so I had to step in. Dad seemed happy enough with the decision – he'd trained me himself and so he knew I wasn't going to make a stupid mistake.

Slowly trekking across the field, I sniffed again. Humans, and wildlife filled my nose. There was a hint of wolf, but it wasn't excessively strong. Listening out, I heard my own footsteps, heartbeat and the wind whistling as it weaved through the blades of grass.

Feeling the October breeze caress my body, I closed my eyes and carried on walking. Out here, I was just Kitty. I wasn't the daughter to Samuel Flowers, I wasn't a she-wolf who was about to be practically-married off. I wasn't a werewolf, who couldn't turn. I was just a girl, in a field, walking and enjoying herself.

Before I knew it, I'd walked into the other forest. It smelt differently to ours; perhaps it was lacking the scent of wolves. Instead, it smelled... fresh, almost. There were several sweet, sickly scents lingering in the air. I assumed those belonged to the array of forests lining the ground. The colour of them fascinated me, and I couldn't help but follow the trail.

Stopping at a small pond, I gasped. We didn't have anything like this. It wasn't anything special – just a small pond with lilies floating directionless on top. There was no extravagance to the area; but that made it all the more amazing to me. Gingerly balancing on the end, I cautiously dipped a single finger in.

Chills ran through me, the water was ice cold. I hadn't expected it to be so icy, but it was October, after all, and even though the sun shone, there was no heat accompanying it. Glancing around, I took a small breath in. It was so still, so quiet with the exception of birds singing throughout the forest.

Until I heard a crunch.

Gasping, I quickly turned around. Standing up, I cursed slightly as a twinge shot up my leg. I listened out for anything else; but there was nothing. Flaring my nostrils, I tried to smell for anything.


The hairs on my body bolted upright. The birds had stopped tweeting, and it was utter silence. It didn't feel right, and my gut was telling me to run. But I couldn't. Without figuring out who was following me – if it was one of the guards who'd spotted me or someone dangerous – I couldn't blindly walk away. But I couldn't stay here either.

A gust of wind blew past me, whipping my ponytail to the side.

They're staying upwind of me.

Fear trickled through me; I'd made a mistake. I was in neutral territory and whoever was following me was smart. Taking a couple of steps to the side, I kept my eye on the path I'd previously walked. There were so many trees that my stalker was hidden within – but I knew they were there.

My mind was going wild with horrible scenarios that were about to happen. They all, however, featured one theme: the tracker was a condemned. Living outside pack life wasn't easy and the solitude left those who were still alive into cold and ruthless wolves. Possibly worse than my father. Hearing another crunch, accompanied by a low growl, I knew that staying here trying to find them was another mistake.

Breaking into a sprint, I ran to the side. I could feel sweat start to trickle; from the intensity of running and from fear. I couldn't be caught. I wouldn't be caught. Mother knew what they'd do to me.

As I ran, my pants filled my ears but I swore I could hear growling. It was coming from everywhere. What if it was more than one person? What if it was more? I'd never been trained – I'd only been told how to defend myself.

A yelp fell from my lips as I tumbled forwards. My knee screamed in pain but I scrambled up again and carried on running. My leg limped, slowing me down, but I couldn't stop. If I stopped, I'd die. All I needed was to keep running and wait for the adrenaline to kick in. It had to at some point.

Behind me, I heard the familiar thudding of paws kicking up dirt. It pushed me to run even faster, knowing they were in wolf form. It couldn't be a natural wolf; they were too scared of us in our weaker forms let alone when we transitioned.

Turning, another yelp left my lips as I slid across some mud, landing awkwardly on my foot. Whimpering, I tried to push myself up but fell back down. Biting my lip, I forced myself onto my feet. The pain was horrendous but I limped forward.

Deep snarling stopped me in my tracks. I'd never seen a condemned before but I knew there was one in front of me. Rotten teeth – a mixture of a deep, ugly yellow and black – were bared towards me. Patches of fur was missing; some areas it was as if it had been ripped out since the area was still red. Scars were imbedded deep into his skin; his muzzle a patchwork of marks. His eyes were vicious, a burnt orange with rage hidden behind. Hair bristled, with his ears forward, I knew I was in for it.

Another growl thundered behind me.

I was done for.

Turning my body, I made sure that both wolves were in view. Neither looked like they were here to play, and both were laced in scars. They were dangerous, and I was helpless to defend myself. As if knowing they knew I couldn't do anything I watched in horror as their bones shifted and re-aligned, their fur receded and they stood on two human feet.

With their fur gone, I looked on in terror as I saw the extent to the mutilation of their bodies. Both men were huge, with angry claw marks across their chests and their legs. Parts of their skin was missing, angry red flesh replaced smooth skin. Their teeth were no different, and they puckered their lips as if they were still in wolf form.

Bruises covered their skin too – if it wasn't red and angry, it was a shade of brown, purple or off-yellow. Their noses were completely crooked, as if they'd been broken a thousand times but hadn't healed quite right. Panic gripped me: these were not the condemned who sought out the Prohgbi. These were wolves who had embraced the harsh life cursed to the condemned. They weren't the lost souls who sought the sweet embrace of death.

Dying frightened me but I was terrified more of how these wolves would kill me. It wasn't going to be quick, judging by the look in their eyes and how they'd chased me down. They'd tried to wear me down – even though I would have been so easy to take down beforehand. As much as I despised how my father treated people when they hurt our family, I wished he was here. These two wouldn't have stepped an inch towards me, had they known what he was capable of.

They took a step forward, and I took one back. It was a sick, disturbed dance and I hated that I was involved. I let out a gasp when my back hit the rough bark of a tree. Twigs dug into my back and my neck. My eyes widened like a doe's. How was I going to get out of this?

"If it isn't the Flowers girl," my mouth dropped open slightly. If they knew who I was and who my father was, and they were still stalking forward... "Seems like we're in luck. I feel like having some fun."

As he slowly licked his lips, a cold chill shivered down my spine. Gulping, I sidled against the trunk and paced backwards slowly. Another yelp fell from my lips as I tumbled backwards, causing the men to laugh loudly. Heat filled my body, knowing what was about to happen. I had to stop it somehow!

"My father will kill you if you touch me," the tremble in my voice was evident but I hoped they wouldn't notice. I needed to act the part, "I-If you let me go, I won't tell him. You'll leave with all your limbs intact."

"Did you hear that, Kit? Samuel's daughter begging us to play with her. Sounds like a pretty good invite, don't you think?" Kit, the first wolf I'd seen, cackled and stepped forward. Scrambling backwards, I tried to keep a good distance between us. I knew that he could close the gap at any point. He just wanted to play with me.

And that petrified me more than anything.

"Let's do it, Kyle. We'll show her how rough Daddy likes to play," Kit's delirious smile widened, and I felt cold sweat trickle down my back. Kyle got onto his hands and knees, his grin never faltering as I heard his bones crunch and twist. Not even when his bones pierced through his skin and strands of fur slowly sprouted through. I knew he was transitioning slowly on purpose; the smell of my fear was probably overpowering every other scent.

And then he lunged.

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